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The New Year’s Message From PEZ

The Holiday’s are over, the year is done, and like many of you, Mrs. PEZ and I take stock of the past year, what we’ve accomplished, and wonder if we made a difference… In light of the recent tragedies in Asia, our contribution to making the world a better place seems pretty small, unless there’s another way to look at it…

For some reason, it’s only at the New Year that we really pause to reflect on our lives and what we’ve done the past year, and think about making changes for the better. Personal evaluation is perhaps more widespread now than ever given that so many people’s lives have been shattered by the tsunamis, an many of us know people who were there. (A relative of ours was on a boat in Thailand as the waves passed underneath, and we’re lucky he’s safe and returning home today.)

A few years ago, not long after I met Mrs. Pez, I realized that what mattered to me was to get through life happy, safe, and secure. All three of these things can change at any given moment, and are largely out of my own control, so it soon followed that I’d also need to learn to enjoy what I have, each and every day.

What’s your point, coach?
When I started PEZCycling News almost 3 years ago, I wanted to be part of telling people about the good stuff that’s happening out there. In our case we focus on the world of competitive cycling, and if it was fun to me, then I reckoned a few others might enjoy reading my epistles as well.

As we’ve grown and become a more recognized part of the cycling media, I also realize we’ve gained certain responsibilities that we never had before. We put more work into our stories than we did before and try to produce a better, more entertaining product for our readers, but even as we’re very serious about what we do, we still try to not take ourselves to seriously (we’re not solving world hunger, after all…)

And in the big scheme of things, it’s time to ask – is there a greater purpose to presenting the news of pro cycling? Compared to the human suffering that is happening right now all over the world – natural disasters in Asia, racial wars in Africa, people blowing themselves up in the Middle East, and threats from terrorists – reporting on a sport seems pretty insignificant.

And as I thought about this realization, I eventually got around to looking at it from a different perspective.

We can’t look at a newspaper or turn on the television without seeing images of death and destruction, turn to page 2 and there’s another story of tragedy, keep looking and you’ll soon realize it’s tough to find the media reporting any good news in the world. Makes you wonder if we really are on our way to hell in a handbasket.

The popular media reports so much bad news (and fair enough – the world is full of it), that how are you supposed to feel good about anything with so much terrible news flying in your face, all the time?

My feeling is that in today’s world, you gotta seek out the stuff that makes you happy, and you gotta fight to put – and keep – that smile on your face. Find people that matter, work on relationships that are important, keep your word and hug your pets, and know when to shut out the crap that doesn’t matter (it’ll be there for you tomorrow.)

So how does PezCycling fit into this?
I say there is indeed a place for “good” news, and a purpose to our brand of daily distracting entertainment. Our enemy is the bad news of the world. Sure it’s always there and sometimes you can’t avoid it, but if we can make some good news a little easier to find, then maybe we are part of a greater good.

I can speak for the whole Pez-Crew when I say we love cycling and we love presenting it from our perspective. It seems clear to me that our place in the world, at least these days, is to present the stories and photos of our sport for the pure entertainment of our readers. Sure we’re an escape – just like spending time alone on your bike is an escape. But some days maybe you’d rather escape via a few mouse clicks than by actually going for that ride, and that’s why we’re here.

So maybe in a world filled with bad news, providing a few daily minutes of mindless reading about something as simple and insignificant as riding a bike is not so insignificant after all.

Have a safe and happy New Year – and we’ll look for you on the roads!

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