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The RANDOMIZER – easily my favorite feature on the new PEZ. So, the site is up and readers seem to like it (except for the guy who thought the new look was “too cluttered”) – but we’re pressing on. One feature I love is the Randomizer, but it turns out not everyone thinks it’s as obvious as me… Here’s what you need to know.

As Ken from Expedo Pedals told me: “I’ve never seen anything like this…!”

That was great news – only problem was that it came after I’d asked him if he’d tried it – . The answer was no, so I gave him a quick tutorial.


More Stuff On the Homepage
We have over 10,000 stories of damn fine quality in the vast PEZ archives, so one thing I wanted with the new design was to make this content easier to access. Unlike other sites who trade in daily news bytes, our features take hours to write and prep, and in case you’d forgotten – or got a little too caught up in using the web like a seven-year old flipping cartoon channels on a Saturday morning (I speak from experience here) they’re just as satisfying next week as they were last month.

But too many readers have fallen into the trap of not looking past the front page for what’s really good – we’re stuck on the surface and too easily drawn to the next sparkly looking enticement. This would make total sense if you’ve happened to stumble into the back door of the Miss Coconut Oil bikini contest – geez I wouldn’t know where to look first, or next either. But like finding a good woman, the kind who floats yer boat on the rarely steady seas that make up modern life, things that matter are worth looking for.


So we’ve added some cool little features to help you sort through the ever growing library of content we serve up daily. Right on the homepage, you can sift through each of our specific sections of content – Tech N Spec, Features, Racing, Travel Interviews – we’ve even given the semi-weekly news round-up EuroTrash its own section to make it easier to find your favorite mix of the best cycling videos and daily news.

Now: to the Randomizer!
In the upper right corner of each section’s title bar, you’ll see the back (<) and next (>) arrows – that help you sift content without leaving the homepage. Recent stories are easily accessible, and it let’s you find stuff faster than before.


And – right there between the two arrows is the ever popular but often underrated infinity sign (∞). Click it and see what happens.

Guess what – you just loaded a whole new batch of stories pulled at RANDOM from our whole library. That’s right – totally random, dude.

Now – give it a try with Daily Distractions and PeloPics galleries. Yup – it’s a game changer (if I do say so).
Time wasting never felt so good – or was so easy.

Now, click into a full Gallery page – and if you don’t like the 35 thumbnails from our most recent postings, just click the Randomizer and watch the screen magically change before your very eyes – filling with a completely random assortment of photos from anywhere & everywhere in the PEZ archives.

Is that cool? I think it is. I bet you will too – just give it a try. Come on… you know you want to.

What About The Archives?
Everybody likes a back issue, so what about sorting though our stories, and DD & PeloPics archives?


As this interested reader pointed out to me:
“I like your new format, but I wonder what has happened to the Daily Distractions archives? Please provide a link to the archives that would then give access to each of the former monthly Daily Distractions.

First – everything from the old site has been transfered to the new site, so it’s all in there – but some of it may not be as easy to find as before. If you’re looking for a story and can’t find it – just use the SEARCH function in the upper right corner – this one really works, and will search for keywords in story titles, intros, and the story body itself.

Ok – we’re still working on the best way to sort those hotties, since our old system didn’t cross over the our new platform with the greatest of ease, but in the meantime, you can simply scroll backwards using the arrow key and it will take you back in monthly sequence.

Thanks for reading – and we’re still working around the clock to make sure the site runs the way we want. If it’s not working the way you want, then please drop us a note using the comment box below – and the more info you can give us the better – (browser & version, pc or mac, a screenshot of any issue).

– Richard Pestes

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