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Tour Pass: More TTT Trivia

Lampre yesterday didn’t do a good time, but they were really unlucky. 2 riders broke their handlebars at the start, and another one didn’t feel well.

Cenghialta (Alessio team manager):”Yesterday we didn’t do a good time, but we knew that. The team time trial is a really particular race, and we weren’t ready for it. For example, in the hardlest hill on the course, we lost about 1 minutes because we had a lot of confusion”.

Yesterday night, Mr Parsani (Mapei directeur) became a policeman. He was in the flat of the bedrooms, at the 3rd flat into the Mapei’s hotels. The riders were down, at the restaurant, and he saw a man came out from the bedroom of Freire. He blocked the man, and he asked what he was doing there. The man replied he was looking for the restaurant, but…Serge Parsani didn’t believe him, and called the police. Freire checked his bedroom, and it was dissappear his mobile and 310 euro.

About yesterday team time trial, Tafi left soon the group, because he had a problem with his front wheel. He stopped for a bike change, but his bike was on the first car, and the first car was following the Mapei’s group. So…he did all the stage alone, and was really upset (duh).

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