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Tyler Inspects Giro Route

– Reported by CSC-Tiscali –
When the riders reach the hardest of the climbs in this year’s edition of Giro d’Italia, CSC Tiscali’s American recruit will have done his homework. Together with directeur sportif Jшrgen Marcussen, he has travelled around Italy to take a closer look at the key routes of the race, which he has made his top priority this year. The stages generally favour Tyler Hamilton but now they have been studied in detail.

Bjarne Riis had asked director of Giro d’Italia, Carmine Castellano, for an exact schedule containing the routes of the race. With that in hand, Joergen Marcussen guided the American allrounder across the climbs that could make the difference when the race reaches its decisive stage.

CSC Tiscali’s new directeur sportif has great confidence in this very special field trip.

“On the first trip, we inspected several of the most important passes and made a note of the places that could turn out important. We found time to drive through the last time trial four times,” explains Marcussen who, despite his intimate knowledge of Giro d’Italia and Italy in particular, had to reach for his map quite a few times to find the exact route.

“Some of the information was a bit scarce and this meant that we sometimes would not reach the key places on the routes until the early evening. I would then drive in the car with lights turned on behind Tyler to light up the road. But you should not let that get you down and we were very happy with the outcome,” Marcussen continues.

“It is a great advantage to know the route. I don’t think you can be too well prepared. There are a lot of things which you can’t learn from the official route descriptions and that can be decisive when the race really gets underway,” says Tyler Hamilton, who, as soon as the Tour de Romandie has finished, will inspect the high surface mountain passes, which were impassable earlier in the spring.

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