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UCI – An Oxymoron?

Thanks to John Williams for his cry for unity!

I have always maintained that “UCI” is the ultimate oxymoron in that implies that it’s a “Cyclists'” union and not simply a governing body made up of men skimming considerable benefits and consistent income from riders, while basically robbing them of those things. While the UCI and the USCF have an incredibly tough job, one would imagine that expecting more is understandable.

It would be such a relief to see Cyclists Unions that provided things like:
-Benefits to retired riders (those who rode a minimum amount of years etc…)
-Minimum contract amounts and term lengths for veteran riders.
-Year round Health benefits (hold your laughter please).
-A standardized Drug control system with established punishment standards for all riders (regardless of National origin) based on the type and concentration of drug, number of offenses etc. A system with teeth that also penalized teams, doctors and directors, so that team Doc’s would start to concentrate on making a rider clean rather than testable (the established rules would take into consideration fluke instances like Scott
Moningers, so that the team would have no penalty in a case where lab restults exhonerate the rider). And so that teams and directors would be less likely to use the “Frigo” option of throwing a rider out and resigning him later. As it stands, there is no incentive for a team not to take on a rider with a tainted past, because they can use the auto eject feature and continue on racing.

Cycling unions have an inflow of cash and also have large expenses. It would just be nice to see officials at the UCI get voted in and out of office with term limits so that their #1 concern would be for using that money to secure the furture of the riders rather than securing their own power base and future employment.

I admit that the view is good from the cheap seats and it’s easy to be critical, but with such an obvious and basic need for change, one must wonder why there isn’t a ground swell by profesional riders for a change within “their” Union…

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