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Valencia Stage 3: Igor Astarloa Shows His Form For The Classics

On the third stage of the Vuelta a la Comunidad Valenciana, Igor Astarloa (Saeco) stamped his authority on the bedraggled bunch, by sprinting to victory. Rafa Casero (Paternina) is still in the lead overall.

With rain and wind at the start there was a few un-happy faces, like the group who came in 45 minutes down yesterday.

To-day was a wearing down process as a hot pace was set at the front. Two Spaniards, Jose Luis Martinez (Paternina) and Antonio Colon (Relax) were off the front over the Alto de Carbi, they were pulled back, but with all the action it had whittled the main group to about 50 riders. All the main men were present, Casero, Zulle, Frigo, Jaksche and Millar.

On the run-in, Petrov (ibanesto.com) and Gorka Gonzalez (Euskaltel) did their bit off the front, both caught, Gonzalez in-sight of the 1 kilometre kite. Domina Vicanza (Cipo 15 minutes behind)were leading out Perdiguero, Saeco for Astarloa and Angel Edo looking out for himself. Astarloa came off the wheel perfectly for the win.

After the stage Rafa Casero said he was “Super Contento” with his team, his form, his manager, his family and just about anything else he could think of.

Tomorrow is a mini Angrilu, so lets hope Mr. Millar does’nt throw all the toy’s out of the pram again. Segunt to Alto de Campello (158 kms), 11% and 14% “rampas” up to the finish.

Stage 3 Result:

1st. I.Astarloa (SAE) 3.44.55.
2nd. A.Edo (MIL) same time.
3rd. A.Vicioso (ONCE) same time.
4th. M.A.Perdiguero (DOM) same time.
5th. B.De Groot (RAB) same time.

Overall after stage 3:

1st. R.Casero (PAT)
2nd. D.Frigo (FAS) at 4 secs.
3rd. A.Zulle (COA) at 9 secs.
4th. J.Jaksche (ONCE) at 11 secs.
5th. D.Millar (COF) at 12 secs.

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