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Van Dooren Vs Chiotti: Two Sides of The Same Coin?

I have read the letters sections of several sites and am just appalled by the comparison of Bas Van Dooren to Jerome Chiotti.

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The two men both admitted the use of EPO, but, like saying goes “It’s how you play the game”.

Bas’s comments should be taken as an incite into a flawed system of handling Drugs in Europe, as an example of how ineffective the EPO tests are unless they are done out of competition and also into the mind of a man who’s livelihood is at stake. But that is as far as it should go. To say Bas’s comments and honesty are admirable is to miss the point entirely.

Bas didn’t come forward (not one inch), he stayed in the dark part of cycling until caught. With no where else to go after a positive, (it’s not like the gray area when your Crit level is above 50) he had no choice. Bas had also recently failed to get results on the road and was done in Mountain biking as well.

Jerome Chiotti on the other hand came forward of his own will and did so while at the top of the game and with a lot to lose!

There’s a difference between fighting the right fight, and fighting when there is no place else to run. One is done by an honorable man, the other is not. The two shouldn’t be compared at all.

Charles Manantan

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