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VdB: Another Comeback?

Frank Vandenbroucke is said to be well on the mend and contemplating his return. He was injured in Paris Tours and an elbow and collar bone are said to be doing well. His head however is still not, and may never be, on the up.

In an interview with La Derniиre Heure, he has stated that he is “too hungry for victories in the one day races to have to focus exclusively on the Tour de France”. Thank goodness Frank has that one day hunger and took the time to clarify his choice, as I am sure Ullrich, Armstrong, Botero and Beloki were shaking all over… VDB also states that he doesn’t “wish to be compared to Armstrong, Just like I haven’t wished to be compared to Merckx before” Another keen point to make public as I, like everyone else with a tire tool jabbed in our sculls, were wanting to make those comparisons straight away.

VDB has a test set up with the new Quick Step team where he will fit nicely with a rider like Tricky Dick Virenque under the guidance of a manager (Patrick Lefevere) with an obvious dislike of dopers. All that’s left is to sign Pantani and Rumsas (or his Mother in law) as GC threats and what a happy family they would be. They wouldn’t need security, as Franks dog (who was reported as the user of the Steroids and EPO last found at Frank’s place) would do nicely just parked outside the bus.

Lets hope that despite these characters, that probably the best one day rider in the world in Paolo Bettini doesn’t suffer from the crap storm that tends to follow VDB, and that Johan Museeuw doesn’t tarnish a brilliant career by getting too involved with it.

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