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We Wish You A Merry Christmas!

On this Friday before Christmas, the last thing you’re probably doing is reading this, but if you’re one of the 3 people who have actually finished their Christmas shopping… Thanks to everyone for joining us at PEZCycling in 2005, and making it our best year ever. I know I said this last year, but ’05 really rocked…

The weather in Vancouver is unseasonably warm at 10 degrees Celsius – and not raining for a change, so I had to sneak in a nice ride this morning. I still have to pick up a couple of gifts for a very pregnant Mrs. Pez (our team will be expanding in about 4-5 weeks), so things will be a bit quieter on the site for the next few days.

I’ll be spending Christmas with my folks (who are staying with us for the holidays) and my brother, and of course doing Christmas Eve with Teresa’s family (much eating, drinking, and merriment is in order) and sneaking in a couple of rides – I hope you’re doing the same.

We also wish you all a safe and Happy Christmas (or holiday celebration of your choice). We’ll leave the server plugged in so you can enjoy reading some of your favorite interviews, feature stories, tech reviews and more… See you all again soon!

Best Wishes from the whole Pez-Crew!
– The PEZ

In case you do become overwhelmed and undersatisfied with the deluge of turkey stuffing and relatives over the next few days, remember that the PEZCYCLING NEWS ARCHIVES are always open!

Use our awesome SEARCH ENGINE to easily dredge the vast PEZCycling databanks for the great stories you missed, or enjoy reading your faves again for the 78th time!

Get specific and search within our many sections:
– our PEZ-Clusive INTERVIEWS
– ever popular TECH N SPEC product reviews,
– the invaluable TOOLBOX Training & Fitness guides
– the HOMEBOY & BLOKE Diaries,
– the TRAVEL

– OR – Choose From These Classic Moments!
With over 3678 cool stories online for your viewing pleasure, we can’t even scratch the surface on where to start, but here are some tasty starters:

George Hincapie Interview
– George talks us through his amazing win TDF Stage 15 win – very cool.

– A banner year for podium girl interviews as we talked with hotties from the 3 Grand Tours – I suggest starting with the Italians, then moving on to the French and Spanish ladies –

RIDING WITH LANCE: My Finest Dropping
– One man’s personal experience (me!) going toe-to-toe with Lance at the Tour of Courage –

Daily Distractions: Take the Best Pics
– Learn invaluable tips and tricks for taking the hottest babe pics –

GRAPPA D’ITALIA 5: Pez Vs. La Finestre
– An epic day at the Giro’s toughest stage – you’ll want to go next year –

Seeking San Remo Pt2: The Duel To Via Roma
– Ride along as Nick O’Brien duels with a “slimey Continental” down the Poggio and onto the famous via Roma at Milan-SanRemo –

Roubaix ’05: PEZ Rides The New Cobbles

– We took a first look, and ride of the newest section of Hell –

PezCranking: Two Months Down Under
– Our ToolBox editor Stephen Cheung went riding for 2 months in new Zealand on PowerCranks – and came back an animal –

PEZ Test: The SEVEN Elium Race
– Find our why this bike made our Tech editor wet his pants –

There are over 700 cool stories from this year alone, so there’s plenty to keep you occupied and off your bike, and if you want to keep on giving – just click below and email THIS story to your friends! –

Thanks again for reading everyone…

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