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WIN: Lance’s Autograph On Your Item

In the final push to complete fundraising efforts for the Lance Armstrong Foundation’s Peloton Project, Film maker Scott Coady is raffling off a chance to get Lance’s autograph – on the item of the winner’s choice. Tickets are only $50 and you know this cause is worthy…

The Tour Baby! Filmmaker Scott Coady has been using his breakout film to raise money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation in support of his best friend’s daughter, Claire Harding, who was diagnosed with brain and spinal cancer four years ago. Claire was lucky enough to be one of only two kids in the history of Stanford University children’s hospital to beat this rare cancer and today is a very healthy and active 13 year old girl.

So far, Scott has managed to raise $145,000 for the foundation and has well exceeded his original goal of $100,000. With one week to go in the LAF’s grass root fundraising cycle for this year – called the Peloton Project – Scott has set a goal to raise an additional $10,000 by raffling off the chance to have Lance sign any personal item the raffle winner wants.

This could be you! As Lance graciously demonstrates his autographing technique here at the Tour of Courage, you could win the LA signature, sharpied onto an item of your very own.

When asked why – Scott said: “Last month I lost my mentor and business partner of 12 years, Richard LeKander, to cancer. He discovered too late that he had stomach cancer and died shortly after being diagnosed. The doctors said he had the cancer for 8 or 9 years before being diagnosed. Obviously there is more outreach work to be done to promote early detection of cancer. Delivering the eulogy at his memorial service was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I am making this final fundraising push to honor Richard’s life and to help support the Lance Armstrong Foundation’s important and life saving work.”

The lucky winner of this raffle will have the opportunity to FedEx Scott one special personal item you want Lance to autograph. As one of the top fundraisers for the LAF this year, Scott has the privilege of meeting with Lance personally, at which time he will get your personalized signing done. It will then be returned to you by FedEx overnight delivery.

All the of the details can be found at TheTourbaby.com

Don’t miss this historic opportunity to bring Lance Armstrong into your life.

Here is how to win:
1. Buy your raffle tickets between now and Wednesday, Oct 19th, 7:00PM Pacific Time by visiting: TheTourbaby.com

2. For each $50 you donate to the LAF through Scott’s Peloton Project account, you will receive one raffle ticket number. Donate $100 and get two tickets. Donate $150 and receive three tickets. Donate $500 and receive twelve (12) raffle ticket numbers – that’s right, two free tickets as a thank you for stepping up with a big donation.

3. Scott will draw the winning ticket at 7:30 PM Pacific on Wednesday, Oct 19th and call the lucky winner.

4. The winner will then FedEx Scott the personal item they wish to have signed on Thursday, Oct 20th via overnight delivery to Austin Texas where Scott will be for the Ride for the Roses. Send anything. A get well card for a friend who has cancer, a football, a cycling jersey, a photo of a loved one!

5. Scott will have your item signed at the Ride for the Roses and return it to you via FedEx the following week. And just in case you don’t have something special you want to have signed, or if you prefer, Scott will get Lance to sign the 2005 Discovery Channel Tour de France Victory Jersey* worn by the team for the final stage onto the Champs D’Elysees to celebrate Lance’s historic 7th consecutive win and to honor this historic moment in sports history.

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