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WIN: Your Choice From POLAR!

Did you beat your personal best, lose weight or get the result you always wanted after you started training with Polar? Tell us your story by uploading a video or photos of your achievements. Your story could win you a Polar training computer.

Over the past few years we’ve awarded an awesome array of Polar cycling computers: the CS200, CS500, the CSX600, the S725X, RS800CX – that’s a lot of computers and even more technology riding on the handlebars and wrists of PEZ-Fans across the land. And entering has been as simple as filling in the entry form.

It’s still just as easy, and all you do is CLICK THIS LINK and tell Polar how you improved using a Polar computer, and you’re eligible for a chance to win. Send ‘em a story, a video, or even photos of your rise to greatness, and you’re in the running.

And his time it’s winner’s choice – yup – you choose your prize from POLAR’S unrivalled range of gear to make your fitness better than it’s ever been.

Here’s the FULL LIST of PRIZES to choose from:
• FT1, FT2, FT4, FT7, FT40, FT60, FT80, RS100, RS300X, RS400, RS800CX, CS100, CS200cad, CS300, CS400, CS500, CS600X •

Even the mighty PEZ server doesn’t have the bandwidth to show you all these prizes here, so to keep it simple – we’ll tempt you with the stunningly handsome and boldly functional CS600X…

The CS600X with Power is just one of the msrp $709.95
G3 GPS msrp $139.95

For instance, you could choose the Polar CS600X with route mapping.
It’s more than just a ride. With advanced heart rate and cycling features, you can plan, measure, analyze and take your training to its highest level. The unrivaled ProTrainer 5 Software™ lets you plan every detail of your workout in advance. On the ride, the CS600X shows precise heart rate and cycling data on its large LCD screen, while the compatible G3 GPS Sensor keeps track of your route- which you can view later on Google Earth™. In addition, versatile graphs and detailed reports allow you to analyze and follow your long-term development. With the CS600X you know where you’ve been and you know where your performance is going.

The new CS600X w/ POWER has 2X more memory*!

Recording Rate Memory Capability
CS600X w/POWER Output Sensor W.I.N.D. enabled 1 second 6 hours
2 second 12 hours

CS600X w/POWER and G3 GPS Sensor enabled 1 second 3.5 hours
2 second 7 hours
*In comparison to the Polar CS600 w/POWER which has a recording rate of 1 second with 2hrs 50min of memory capability.


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