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World’s Chatter From Italy’s Killer B’s

Paulo Bettini: “At 15 kms from the finish I crashed, and I got some abrasions on one leg. So, I spent a lot to get back into the group and I couldn’t reply to the attack of Michele (Bartoli) and Museeuw. At 5 kms from the end, I was around the 15th/20th position and I’ve to say thanks to Mario (Cipollini) that he didn’t tell his men to go ahead for the final sprint. I will remember his help at the World Championship. Talking about this, I think that this year finally we will work just for one man, even if I will play my chance. But if the group arrives together for a final sprint, also I will help Mario”.

Michele Bartoli –
At the start the Warrior said that he was feeling really great, motivated and that he was going to show to “someone” (like Ballerini?) his condition.

Ballerini for Zolder wants to keep close the race for a final sprint, and he thinks it’s possible do it.
The team manager of the national team is sure that Italian team will do the most work to keep the race closed.

And in Belgium, everyone is sure that there won’t be a final sprint, but a big escape.

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