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World’s Interview: Alessandro Petacchi

Our Michele Tomasi has been scourig the press for more news on his favorite team the “Squadra Azzura”. Here’s an interview with Alessandro Petacchi from his Fassa Bortolo website.

– Alessandro, what was your reaction when you knew about your selection?

AP – I was really happy after this great season and those 12 wins. This selection rewards me
for my great results.

– Was going to the World Championships one of your 2002 targets?

AP – Yes, I knew I would be in a great condition, as it used to be for me after the Vuelta,
and I liked the roads. I decided to follow a Spanish program in September with the idea
to go to Zolder.

– In 2000 you also rode and won the Quattor Giorni della Provincia di Lucca near your home before the World Championships…

AP – Yes, because I had a few days rest between the two races. I came back from Spain on Monday and in Lucca I started on Tuesday. It wasn’t reasonable to
participate the two races. Then I have Paris-Tours which is a good race for me – I’m
always placed well on this race.

– How was your Vuelta?

AP – Very good. I love that race. It was a very fast race and I was very happy about my
win: the team worked very well and I beat Zabel.

– Tell us about your first World Championships in Plouay.

AP – I wanted to do something but it was not a very good day and I had to retire.
But I liked the new experience and I’d like to do better this year!

– Do you have an idea of the part you could have in the team?

AP – No, I didn’t speak with Ballerini and I have no idea about it. Maybe I could break in
the first part of the race… anyway, I will follow Ballerini’s instructions!

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