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World’s Without A Hitch

As reported by CH News in Hamilton, with 223 days before the Worlds are scheduled to go, the city is still in dispute regarding transportation costs that may have to be covered by the city of Hamilton, Ontario.

Mayor Bob Ward has attended the third of four Community Town Hall Meetings held by the organising committee for the Hamilton 2003 Cycling Championships and feels the city and the organizers are closer to an agreement. Costs include extra city staff for the event as well road closures.

A revised budget will be released in mid march but insiders estimate the amount to be $ 1 – 2 Million, down from the $10 million reported earlier. At the town meeting, public concerns included school closures, taxpayers burden and how the event will affect the city. As one of the top 5 sporting events in the world, the city will benefit from the event in a multitude of ways including world wide exposure, retail, hotel and restaurant windfalls. The City of Hamilton will make sure the event goes off without a hitch.

Reported by:
Robert MacNeil

[email protected]

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