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Writers Wanted: Contribute To PEZ

As a fan of cycle sport, I started PEZ to share the passion and thrills I saw at real bikes races with other fans through words, pictures, stories and articles about the world of pro bike racing. We quickly grew into a cycling fans’ complete entertainment resource – offering our own take on racing, training, gear & tech, travel, rider interviews and latest news – and a lot of other stuff beyond that. That was 13 years ago.

Over the years, the spirit of the site has attracted some of the best cycling writers and photographers anywhere, and allowed this site to become a truly distinct and credible voice in the world of cycling reportage.

And as the sport changes and evolves, so do we – which is where you fit in.

I’m always looking for talented & inspired writers and photographers to contribute articles, news items, and opinions to be published on a regular basis on our website. You DO NOT need professional experience, just a professional attitude, commitment, and a burning desire to do something you love.

• Can you tell a good story – one that other people might find interesting?
• Can you take a decent photo?
• Do you have truly have something to add that reaches beyond the ‘blogosphere anon-post chat room blather’ that takes up so much bandwidth today?

Then drop me a line at [email protected]

Here’s what you should do:
Send a sample of your work, a story, an editorial comment, some photos you took at a big race last year (say… riders, podium girls,etc.) Include an explanation of why you think you’re “PEZ-Worthy”, and then prove it with your pen – or keyboard – or digi-cam…

Format your story just as they already appear on PezCycling News
– DO NOT indent your paragraphs, send text or Word files, do not use any fancy formatting, align everything to the left. The less editing required by me, the higher the chance we’ll use your material. Stories should be under 1000 words.

Remember, our focus is on Elite level European road riding-racing-teams-equipment-travel, with a secondary interest in the North American pro scene, so please – stories about your bike tour across the Kookamongan Outback – as interesting as they might be, will just not work for us.

What’s In It For You?
If any of us were in the bike business to get rich, we’d soon find another business. So don’t do this for the money, ‘cuz there isn’t any. (At least in the traditional sense…) But you can get:
– your story published on PEZ
– many of our writers receive full press credentials to major races,
– some writers receive expenses and trips to big races
– the occasional PEZ-alum has turned this into a real career in cycling media
– possibilities to create your own opportunities
– the occasional bit of shwag like PEZ kit
– bragging rights that will last forever,

We do this because we love this sport, and this passion is one of the key ingredients that sets us apart.

Still Interested? Writers & Photographers send an email to – [email protected]

– Thanks for reading and looking forward to hearing from you –

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