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You Know You’re At The Giro When…

Today we celebrate the start of the Grand Tours and salute our Italian compatriots who do it like no one else on earth – I’m talking about life, love, food, drink – and of course bike racing! Friday’s Top 10 List… heeeerre we GO!

10. It’s the only grand tour where the bunch will stop racing to check out at a beautiful woman …

9. The first person the stage winner phones is his mother.

8. It’s not preceded by a year of brown nosing.

7. It’s a technological step back in time where a mechanical device (Red train) is replaced by beasts of burden (thundering herd of Zebra).

6. The first 100 Kilo’s get riden at 30 Kph, the last 20 at 65…

5. Nobody gives a crap what Jean Marie Leblanc thinks.

4. People are actually wondering who will win!

3. Police interviews outnumber rider interviews 3 to 1.

2. Not uncommon to see the police escort preceding each TT rider pulling a huge “Evil Knievil style” wheely to lead rider out of start ramp. – pure Italian-style. (I actually saw this happen – ed.)

1. It’s really OK to wear pink – (normally round my way you’d be just as well wearing a sign around your neck saying: “I’m a pufter ….. please run me over.”)

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