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ZIPP 202 Wheelset: We Have A Winner!

It sometimes takes days to track down the lucky winners on PEZ, but not today! My call was returned within minutes, as long time PEZ-Fan Tom Work of Fairfield CA jumped on the news that he’s won the Zipp’s 202 Firecrest carbon clincher wheels from R&A Cycles.

Usually a fine prize like this would make someone’s prized ride that much sweeter, but since Tom is “between” road rigs right now, he’ll be starting from the ground up dialing a home for these fine wheels.

And as I said to Tom – R&A Cycles would be an excellent first stop to build the rest of this bike. You bet this is a sponsor plug – but with 16 major road brands and all sizes in stock, they are very much worth a look for your next bike or gear purchase.

Thanks to everyone who entered and stay tuned for our annual CompuTrainer giveaway coming next week.
– Pez


Class-leading technology & design, lightweight, durability, and an extremely high “cool” factor make these a welcome addition to any bike. Thanks to the good guys at R&A Cycles (read about PEZ’s R&A shop visit here) – one of the premiere cycling retailers – for stepping up with a prize to make one lucky PEZ-Reader’s September the best ever.

We reviewed the Zipp 202 carbon clinchers, and here’s what our tech editor Charles Manantan said:

The new 202’s are a good choice when you look at em a couple of different ways…

They’re either pretty damn light relative to the deeper section clincher wheels that compete aerodynamically and or they are loads more aerodynamic than any of the box section clinchers that come in lighter. These wheels are also a fair bit stiffer than many of the lighter shallower clinchers.

If it were not for a couple of other wheel companies doing the Firecrest shape thing, the list of wheels that compete for the full list of benefits with the new 202’s would not exist. You’re very simply not getting as nice a wheel without the Firecrest shape and that’s at virtually any depth. Zipp were already at the head of the field in aerodynamics when they made the BIG investment in R&D it took to get to the Firecrest shape.

If you’re on anything near a 50- 60mm deep traditional v shaped rim, you’ll love what you’re getting with the new 202’s… You’ll have very similar speed holding, but with the shallow profile you’re going to likely drop weight at the rim, enjoy better acceleration and be (or not be…) blown away by the ability of these wheels to ignore cross winds…

Aside, the braking on the 202’s with the new Evo pads is the best braking on any carbon clincher I’ve tried to date, and I don’t think you can name a wheel that I haven’t tried to date.

– You can read the full Zipp 202 review here.


• See the R&A Cycles website
• See the Zipp website

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