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MailBag: Summer Stinkfest!

It’s been a busy Spring here at PEZ HQ – and our extra hours of head down turns on the front have payed off with readership going over 300,000 of you for each of the last two months – and that means the ol’ Mailbag is ready to read…

Ghisallo Love
Hi Guys, You were kind enough to steer me in the right direction regarding a trip to Italy and specifically a place to stay, rent a bike and ride the Ghisallo! Back from 2 weeks of fun and family in Italy… went to Como Bike, next morning headed from Como to Bellagio at 6am, only me on the road with the sun coming up over the lake and mtns. Stopped in Bellagio at a cafй for an espresso and brioche. The ride up the hill from Bellagio to the summit was a lot harder than I thought it would be, different than here in the East Bay, more switchbacks. Looked up at the top of the road and saw the Chapel, very cool. I was the only one riding, coming down the backside, I did see more riders heading up the “easier” way?

Ps. I had a ‘Negroni’ a day sitting at the cafй’s!
– Tony A. Eichers

Coffee in Bellagio – no better way to start they day.

He Don’t Need No Stinking Saddle!
Dear Mr Pez,
I was reading your website coverage of the Gavia . and noticed you featured a photo of me and a mate on the Gavia descent. My mate is the guy who doesn’t have a seat in one of your photos!! We were having a holiday based around the Giro with some inspiration from your website (including the climb to the Madonna del Ghisallo a couple of days earlier, which was fantastic!!).

My mate’s name is Wags (short for Andrew Wagner) and he is a tough nut. We rode from Bormio that morning and went up the Mortirolo before picking up the Giro route and climbing the Gavia. Wags lost his seat in the long tunnel around 2.5km from the top of the Gavia. It just fell off! Wags stopped in the tunnel, clawed around in the dark for his seat and put it in his pocket. We tried to fix it outside the tunnel but it couldn’t be fixed. He rode the remaining 2.5km to the top (with the crowd laughing, pointing and taking photos) of the Gavia where we waited for the Giro and then 25km down the other side all out of the saddle – at the end of a 130km ride.
– Ben Barry

Found In Translation
The Giro updates from Alessandro Federico are some of the best writing I have read recently. They are exceptional. They manage to find humor, sadness and wisdom in every post, and, with the author’s not-quite-native handle on English, they are a delight to read. Today’s post about the Pirate’s roads, and that from a couple of days ago about his argument with his wife and the two old ladies by the side of the road—excellent.
Thanks for the treat!
– Bradley Kennedy

Dear Pez,
Once again your writers and photographers are bringing the cycling scene to life for me. It was a great classics season, and I’m enjoying this year’sexciting Giro. No other source of cycling information brings me so close to the side of the road, mingling with the people in the communities, and sharing the love of exercise, competition, and the beauty of the countryside. The Pez approach seems to be to respect the riders as remarkable people, not cover them like shallow celebrities. Many thanks to Alessandro Federico and your other writers and photographers for continuing to make cycling the most beautiful
sport. I’m looking forward to more of that “real-life” coverage as the
summer brings us the Tour and Vuelta and Olympics.

Gordon Boice

Quality Control
Hey guys! Been loving your site for years but just gotta say enough with just the faces of anybody wanting to be online. My girl is a centerfold (literally) and you don’t see me rushing to post her up just because. Unless she was suited up onto of my ride is another story. Let’s just have some thought before we start seeing granny pics being posted. Thanks
– jsaucedo

PEZ Sez: Aah yes – the armchair critic… how’s about being part of the solution and sending us a pic of your ‘centerfold’ gf then?

Looking Mah-Velous
To Josh and fellow Super Cool Dudes at Pez….
That was the best article I have seen in a long while! [Read it Here ]. This should be printed and packaged with all race bikes as a guide on how to ride. This should even be distributed at the Local Bike Shops and handed out to fellow riders just because we care about each other! A Cat 1 friend told me once, it only matters how good you look, not how fast you go. Hair gel, tanned legs, properly fitting clothing and cool glasses –

Thanks for the laughs! We have a lot of young starters coming up around us and this is something that I will be sharing with them.
– Jay

PEZ Sez: Response to this one has been huge – so we’re working on a follow up of reader suggestions to expand the list.

Winner: Most Relentless Rant
PEZ Sez: Now this is the kind of passion you just can’t get in a jar – not one, not two – but three impassioned pleas. It’s the kind of emotion that might lead a lesser editor to consider cancelling his weekend ride…

June 12 – Twice in the last two weeks your site has simply disappeared from the Internet. No explanation was ever offered. You just went away for a couple of days. Don’t you have someone who checks your site every few hours to be sure it is actually working? If you have a webmaster, it should be his/her job and every effort should be made to keep the site live and to post a notice when it isn’t. You do a very professional job in terms of content and such, why be such an amateur at site management?
– Jim

PEZ Sez: Actually- astute readers will have noticed the lead item in the corresponding EuroTrash columns explaining those situations.

Jun 23 – I do not understand PEZ. Two major outages, both on weekends, that were not addressed until the beginning of the week. Photos that won’t display properly all weekend and no one knows except you customers. I would think, that with all of these recent problems, PEZ would grow up, join the real world, and pay someone to do a thorough check of the site every couple of hour every day including (especially) weekends. You run your site like a bunch of kids with a new toy who have no idea who grown-ups do the job right. Very sad.
– Jim

June 23 – I thought it was bad enough that no one minds the store on weekends, It’s worse than that. All weekend you had a picture that would not display when clicked to enlarge. I figured you would fix it when you got back. WRONG!!!! You have added a new picture that works correctly but you haven’t fixed, probably haven’t even noticed, the other one needs attention.

OK, I give up. I got hooked on your site when Rook Campbell was doing an article. Now, I just give up. I’ll get my cycling news elsewhere and just let you run your site like a bunch of teenagers with no business sense. Good luck.
– Jim

I’m gonna have a word with my new intern about those weekend updates…

Pass the Kool-Ade
Mar 23 – Signor Pez :– I feel remiss for not sending in congratulations earlier regarding the Pez birthday…
…w/ the state of cycling being what it is (hopefully improving) but still so deeply mired in the uci/aso conflagration & what it’s been (all too evident) over the last few years, my levels of enthusiasm have waned, to the extent that reading the daily e-rags never seems like a real priority anymore…
…that being said, I watch the wonderful final stage of Paris/Nice & then the next week, the finale of that fine dramatic Italian opera “la Primavera” where the Swiss hero wins in the end & I can’t help but feel it in my blood…so then I’m back to reading the reports on the net…
… I’ve said this before but Pez coverage just always has a more ‘human’ touch & using you as my Pezport to the races, I get an “I feel a lot closer to the race” kinda thing (how eloquent, huh ?)…
… So, I do remain a fan of both the sport & in particular your coverage. If anything is scary about it – it’s that all your writers seem to have drunk the ‘kool-ade’ because no matter who slings the words, they’ve all got that nice Pez touch…
…continued success, Richard & thanks for doing it right (write ?)…

best wishes for the future,


How about making Pez bibs/shorts available at Glory Cycles for the full
ensemble. Jeresy and socks are great but looks like something is missing
when worn with black shorts. Thanks. Keep up the good work.
– Jeff Kemble

PEZ SEZ: You’re not the first reader to request a set of our most superior PEZ Bibs by Capoforma – I’ll be the first to say the fit, chamois, and durability are excellent (if they weren’t, I’d have changed suppliers long ago). But for now the full kit is reserved for the illustrious PEZ-Crew – the guys who all have day jobs and real lives, but still find time to contribute the stories, pictures, and work that makes us PEZ. Rest assured I’ll make a big deal about it on site when (if) we do offer them in limited release to fans like you, but for now you’ll have to make due with the jersey, socks, and caps available at Glory Cycles.

Pez Sez: We do try to respond to most of the emails we get, but we’re now getting more than we can keep up with on some days. So if we don’t reply, or reply right away… don’t think we don’t appreciate you thinking of us and taking time to drop a line, because we do!

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