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PEZ Mailbag: Burping & Bubbling

It’s been a long while since we last opened up the ol’ PEZ MailBag. But like a festering fermenting bag of blab, the savoury sack spewed forth a tangy tangle of tastey tidbits from readers just like you – but who actually took the time to send us a letter!

Both Sides Of Basso
Hi Pez, Love your site… I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the way you are reporting on Basso and his signing to Discovery. So many other sites are calling on him to “prove” his innocence, which is ridiculous.. he was never even charged. I am looking forward to seeing him win the Tour in Disco kit in 2007.
– Murray Yazer

About your Basso story today (see EuroTrash Monday)… “So in other words, piss off T-Mobile, we got Basso, you didn’t, we’re going to win the Giro AND the Tour (as long as ASO doesn’t disallow a Basso start, but whatever, details details).” Ah yes, the win-at-any-cost or with-any-method pure Americanism. Do you really believe this or are you just preparing for a nonexistent pissing contest?

“But seriously, what more is needed for a complete exoneration?”
A DNA test. Without it, there is no “complete” exoneration. You already know this so why the petty attitude?

Thanks for your previously well done articles. After today, I’m done with Pez.
– Brian Yates

PEZ Sez: Brian, I’m not entirely sure what your beef is here, but thanks for reading… and I hope I didn’t sprinkle your shoes… As for anyone else thinking of forming up a lynch-mob for suspected dopers… maybe you guys could share your proof with the rest of us? Why not start with the Spanish authorities as it seems they need a little help with their ‘investigation’. I’m all for kicking out the cheaters, but last time I checked, being “Innocent until proven guilty” was still a cornerstone of our ‘advanced’ western civilization.

Elite Trainer Problem
I am sitting around the computer, … and notice that there is a new posting on Pez around the Elite trainers (which I have and absolutely love – quiet and durable, although a little ‘easier’ than road resistance (I say ~10% – maybe that is fixed on the new 45mm jobs), but I digress). It is -13C, which is really freakin’ cold. And I have to read about testing a trainer by the pool. In Arizona.

Not fair. Not even remotely fair.

Just for that I am going to think bad thoughts about Pez all day. Especially when I figure out if I want two pairs of thick tights or to slather my legs in tiger balm and one pair. May Charles be forced to wear a jacket. Hah. That’ll scare you.
– Joe (Alberta, Canada)

Charles Sez: We’re damn sorry about the pool shot, but mostly it was meant to annoy lots of the Pez staffers who are in Canada, Philly, Belgium, Germany or, well… Deeper Canada (Dr. Stephen Cheung, in frigid Nova Scotia, actually gets paid for dipping people in freezing cold water to test how fast they shiver before going numb and passing out…).

If it’s any consolation, when July rolls around and the morning low in Phoenix doesn’t dip below 90, I’m forced to slather on more sunscreen than you have to use Tiger Balm (And note that Elite makes some great balms and rubs!). And while you can put on enough clothes to keep warm, there’s no taking off enough clothes to get cooler here 🙂

Till then, enjoy the Elite trainer (although the larger wheel does not make the resistance higher…). I’m loving this one!

In the latest review of the 2007 Tour route you state that stage 15, the route up to the Port de Bales is not steep enough to break up the big boys. Oh how wrong that is. My family has a chalet in the Vallee d’Oueil on the descent of the Port de Bales and I have climbed both sides. The ascent is not steep for the first half but the top half is steep and narrow enough to blow things apart. I think it is harder than the Col de Mente. The descent is also very narrow in places with some sharp turns. I climbed up to the top last year on fresh pavement with the new road not yet open to cars!
– Ciao Philip

I agree with most of your review of the ’07 tour route but as a relatively new resident of Autun, you’ll excuse me for standing up a bit for stage 5 which you group in with the other early stages. I’ve ridden here for a year now, and it is a tough little area, besides the breathtaking countryside, the climbs, usually short but can be up to 9 kilometers long, never seem to stop. There is little time for rest before there is another short up hill section and lots of turns (if the Tour planners did it right).

While Stage 5 is far too early to have an effect on final GC, I think of this as the first real stage of this Tour. The racing will be spectacular and I can easily see a GC contender, either because of a bad day (the first real climbing after days of flat riding) or poor team tactics, or bad luck, get caught out and lose time which of course makes the following stages more interesting. This area really gets overlooked and it is well worth taking some time to ride here. Come-on down and we’ll show you around.
Putting in a plug for my home town,
– Marc de Rochefort, Vйlo TransAtlantique

PEZ Sez: Well, based on historical data and my own two eyeballs, that first week is more often a snooze-fest than not, but I’m with you – let’s hope the ASO picked out some challenging roads.

Lombardia Love
Since my first TdF in 1986 when I saw Hinault and LeMond racing up L’Alpe D’Huez together I have been an avid cycling fan, but career and family mean that I’ve ridden less and less, I even sold my last road bike about 5 years ago. However, this year I’ve been drawn back into the fold and even the Puerto problem and Landis’ “issues” have not dimmed my enthusiasm, because of the sheer vibrancy of PezCycling News.

Today’s articles about the Giro di Lombardia and the Madonna del Ghisallo made me put pen to paper – fantastically inspirational. Hopefully I’ll be hauling my 36 year old newly slim(mer) one and a half stone lighter body up some serious mountains next year when I’ve got some more miles in on my new Specialized Allez (although if I head to Italy, perhaps I should think about buying…..). Keep it up I love it!
-Irv, UK

Hors-Beeyotch I like that one. Great article, more tales from the old days are needed. Especially over the winter when I need inspiration to ride the simulated Hors-Beeyotch in the garage or the venture out into the cold. Keep up the good work.

PEZ Sez: Guys – if we can’t enjoy riding, what is the point of getting out of bed each day? (Okay – aside from the Daily Distractions…)

Respectfully, how can Mr. Hood be so right and so wrong? (See Mr. Hood’s Style article). While I agree that France and the USA have made a mess of red, white, and blue, I find Latvia’s restrained kit attractive. Furthermore, why must Belgium strive to match Italy’s blue, when they should be emphasizing the black, the yellow, and the red? Croatia’s kit is unfortunate, burdened as they are with their flag, but why don’t the Danes take advantage of their flag; where is the Danish cross?

Finally, isn’t Mr. Hood forgetting his history? Although I have never had the pleasure of meeting Rolf Sorensen, a rider who “oozed class” would never grab another’s jersey to hinder their progress. Or have we already relegated the ’94 Tour and Sean Yates to the Memory Hole?
– Again, respectfully, David Thorley

I noticed in Mr. Hood’s Style article references to the makers of some of the team kits. I’m wondering if he or you at Pez know who makes or carries the kits for Estonia, Sweden, and Ireland…lots of riders in my family who’d love those kits for Christmas! Any help you can give is greatly (big big!!) appreciated!
~Erin Hinnov, PEZ fan!

PEZ Sez: For a huge selection of team kits, check out Euroduds.com – if they don’t have it – you likely can’t get it. Ask for “Pierre”.

CO2 Travel Tips
Hey Pez, Just finished reading the “Travel: My Girona Holiday” story, and once again longing for a ride on European roads. I found out the hard way on my first trip to Europe with a bike that it’s easy to find CO2 cartridges, but NOT the unthreaded ones. Zefal threaded cartridges were easy to come by, but if you have one of the little trigger cartridge holders like the “Ultraflate” you won’t find unthreaded cartridges anywhere (at least not in France and I never did figure out what the french word for “unthreaded” was).
– Arthur

I Want My PEZ KIT!
Dear PEZ, As a long time reader and advocate of your website, it is only fitting to wear the Pez jersey whenever I can. The problem is, I gotta look good so I need the matching bibs that go with the jersey. I know you have it… I’ve seen the pictures of that fat guy on your website sporting the full PEZ kit!!
– PEZ for life. Charles

PEZ Sez: Fat guy…!? There’s a fat guy wearing full Pez kit? Well, what you put into your body is your business, but when it comes to looking good – I do believe a custom coating of PEZ sublimated lycra put ON your body can do wonders for any physique. Thanks for your interest in owning a pair of our stylish knicks to complete the look, but for now our supplies of shorts are destined for PEZ Crew only. But I don’t mind taking this opportunity to mention the new batch of PEZ Jerseys has just arrived at GloryCycles.com – and you (or your personal Santa) can also treat yourself to the matching cap and Pez socks!

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