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MailBag: DoggyDoo Days Of Summer

Just back in from a week of holiday and training for DeustchTour, and the ol’ Mailbag is teaming with words, notes, and spam from all around the globe… here’s the latest quotable quotes from the PEZCycling readership…

But First – A Word From The PEZ…
This year has been, without a doubt, … amazing for us here at PezCycling… any final question of “are we going to make it?” is pretty much a distant memory – so barring any catastrophic event like oh, say the pro cyclists suddenly become afflicted with the same moronic behavior that diseased the NHL last year, we should be here for the foreseeable future.

BIG Thanks are due to all you readers – our Tour de France traffic set another new record with 2.3 million pages served to over 200,000 unique readers in July. Based on my best estimates – that makes us the second most read pro cycling website based in North America. Cool. We love you guys, man!

One question I get a lot during July is (and usually spoken with some envy…) “so you going back to the Tour this year?” My last Tour was in 2003, and our growth since then has actually dictated that I stay at PEZ-HQ in Vancouver to coordinate, edit and post stories and pics that are sniffed out, written, and snapped by our crack PEZ-Crew at Le Tour. One thing we’ve learned in the past 3 years is that covering a race, whether it’s a one day Classic, short stage race, or Grand Tour, is an incredible amount of work – way more than you’d think. And the Tour itself is on a level above and beyond all other races – with levels of complication you can never expect, but only anticipate. From talking to journos who’ve covered the Tour for many years and our own personal experience, it’s fact that every race has a few surprises that need solving – so being able to think on your feet and roll with a few punches is essentials to surviving a 3 week adventure.

Trying to get stories AND publish a website is just more work than one man can handle – and do well – so my thanks also go to the loyal and dedicated Pez-Crew who worked as a Pro-Tour level team to present our take on cycling’s biggest race. Thanks to Alastair Hamilton, Michele Tomasi, Scott Coady, his driver Pepito, James Hewitt, Breck Cartwright, Gord Cameron, Dave Aldersebaes, new guy Kevin Haney, Randall Butler, for making this our best Tour yet!

A Different View of Ourselves
I just wanted to thank you for publishing the article from Katherine Jones (Discovering The Tour: a Slightly Different History). I can totally relate to all the aspects of her recollection (especially taping the lousy 30 mins of ESPN coverage we used to get). But what really resonated is how my love for cycling is starting to be reflected in my children. They have become used to getting up early in the morning and watching some of the race with me. The interest has evolved from my eldest daughter liking Laurent Jalabert because her name is Lauren (lucky for me when my next oldest – Nicole – got jealous I was able to tell her that Laurent’s racing brother is names Nicolas). Now my that my oldest is ten she will IM me at work to ask questions like “who won stage 11?” and “how come Lance can’t drop Ivan Basso?”. Now if I can get my wife to stop laughing at me for pouring over yet another bike catalog. Thanks again.
– Bill Fournell

TEMPLE Colibri Review

Richard, I am pleased that we were able to get this together with you. The response in terms of hits linking from pez was incredible – the first day the article went up we exceeded 1,000,000 hits for the first time ever. In two days on PEZCycling we did a month’s worth of traffic.

I appreciate your interest in our small company, as well as the dedication you bring to the sport. I see the effects of your website carried over to other sites like cyclingnews.com – they have attempted to achieve the same level of entertainment and light-hearted humor that drives people to Pez. Thanks for the prime posting of our review during the Tour, and for being the first bookmark I click in the morning.

All the best,

Lance Johnson
President, Temple Cycles

Tell Us What You Want, What You Really Really Want

It’s July 22nd and you’ve just had your best picture ever. Congrats. My heart is beating faster and not because I just got off my bike from a long climb. Makes me wonder what photos you guys get you can’t show us!
– Geoffrey Knobl

Bikini clad Daily Distraction(s) … interview with Astrid Orioux! Magniifique!
Vous etes le meilleur!!!!!
– James Shatford

Thanks for the great tour coverage, and for the daily distractions. My informal poll rates Pez as the favorite tour site, just for the distractions alone! I can’t decide whether I’m a Fassa fan, a Basso family fan, or even on blonde/brunette/redhead!
– Mark

Any chance we could see more photos of Elisa Basso? Or do I have to stalk her?
– Ben Draus

Pez Sez: Well guys – we do endeavour to maintain some level of “decorum” with all our stories and pics… but being Curious George’s ourselves, we Googled Elisa Basso and were “pleasantly” surprised with the results…

PEZ Tour Coverage

The one with Pieter Weening blowing out the loogy. It’s so disgusting I have not gone to your website as often knowing that the picture will be there and I’ll have to look at it. Maybe leave it inside the article but please get it out the front of the website. It’s just too gross!!
– Manuel

Re: Scott Coady’s TDF Reports: I just read all your reports from my home computer. I plan on reading each entry from now on. What an awesome adventure your having. You are proving that you can do what you love and be paid for it. Willie Mays used to exclaim that he would pay for the priviledge of playing pro ball rather than visa versa. Oh, by the way, your writing is succinct, informative and very entertaining. There is not a reader out there that isn’t saying to themselves “Gawd, what a great experience, I wish I was there.” Your becoming an “adventure capitalist”.
– Rick Loy

Just wanted to let you know that you seem to be pretty popular down here in Texas. Check out our state road site: https://txbra.org/forum/forum.asp Check under TDF forum and then open up the ‘best tour website’ thread.
– David LaDoucieur

That was a great group of cycling pictures but then I saw the picture of John Kerry and you totally lost me. What the Hell are you thinking putting his mug in there. Good Grief!
– Clint Froke

Pez Sez: Okay… let’s do the math together: Tour de France + well known personality + Pez Cap = Cool photo opp. If you missed it – just click the pic and check ou tth efull size version in PeloPics.

Cycling Wallpaper?

First I must say that PEZ Cycling rocks, and is the ONLY cycling site to make it to my bookmarks bar on my Mac. Your PEZ pics of the Tour are fantastic and I wanted to know if any of them will be available in “wallpaper” size.
– Eric Benedict

Pez Sez: Good question Eric! Actually we get this one a lot. We get our photos from a variety of sources: fans at races, the Pez-Crew, and pros like Beth Schneider and the Cor Vos agency. We have different usage agreements for all of them, which sometimes limit the sizes of photos we’re allowed to reproduce. We don’t have any available as “wallpapers” just yet, but you can contact the Beth (www.bethschneider.com) and Cor (www.CorVos.nl) for info on purchasing images directly.

Which Bike For Me!
Once again the boys at Pez have gone above and beyond. No matter what the question or which part I am interested in they take the time to give me more info. (This time it was bike frames I am comparing to buy). So since they have ridden everything on the planet I asked them for more input on what I should consider. Thanks a ton for getting back promptly and with information I could have only obtained from a person who actually rode the bike.
– Chad, LaQuinta, CA.

Pez Sez: The most popular question we’re asked is “which bike should I buy?” First – let me say we’re flattered that readers ask our opinions (which we’re never short of), and second, that we do try to reply to all legit emails. But as the number of emails we get grows each week, it’s getting tougher to reply to each one – so you can help us out when asking tech questions by telling us your size, weight, preferred or intended types of riding, and other details like ride characteristics you love/hate. The fewer questions we have to ask you, the better chance we can get you a quick and hopefully useful reply.

Who Gets The Bikes?
Does the PEZ Garage just overflow with bikes and parts and whatnot that make the average cyclist like me drool with jealousy and contempt, or do you give them as Christmas gifts to friends or something? If you do, you’re SO getting a Christmas card this year! But seriously, what becomes of these beautiful bikes?

Pez Sez: And here’s our second most asked question… Actually, most of the gear goes back to the manufacturers, sometimes we buy it for our own use, and sometimes they let us keep it. But big ticket items like bikes and wheel sets usually are loaners.

Thanks for writing – and keep those cards amd letters comin’!

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