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PEZ MailBag: Xmas Xuips

It’s never a bad time to tell us what you think, and the PEZ MailBag has been stuffed with kudos and comments since we posted that email address. But just before we stoke the ol’ PEZ fireplace with your combustible quips… we dedicate this space to show our caring … by sharing…

In Response to: On Cycling & Manly Bonding

Astounding reader response proved conclusively that were not all a bunch of testosterone-laden hammerheads. Of course, since we real men never really ‘talk’ to each other, … we had no idea…


Mr. Kelly, you freaking rock. That was a very touching article and a
great commentary on male behavior. Thank God for the peleton.
– Orville

I totally agree. I got back into cycling 10 years ago at the urging of my wife to build male friendships. Between work, family and church I didn’t just hang out with friends. Fortunately I had some friends at my church that did a century every year. That built into racing which I have been doing for 3 years seriously. I still get dropped; I still am in that lonely zone at the races. But almost every Saturday my team mate and good friend from the original church group go out on our three hour training ride. We end up talking for 2 of the three hours about life in general. I am healthier, more socially engaged and less stressed out at work due to my cycling. I will never by a pro level cyclist at 53 years old, but I can continue to strive for my personal best, enjoy the thrill of racing and the friendship that comes with riding. Cycling is more than turning the pedals in anger. It is part of the fabric of my life.
– Bob Smythe

I just wanted to say that Michael Kelly’s article on male bonding was spot on. I am 36 and feel exactly the same way, especially so now that I have a child. You have time for three things and for us Pez readers it is usually family, work and riding in that order. Of course as a group we are usually to busy being “men” to emote like mister Kelly does in his article. Bravo.
– Troy Mault
Boulder, CO

This article may be the best piece you have ever published. Like most middle-aged, married with a couple of kids, challenging and time consuming career guys, I still spend many hours in the saddle for that elusive feeling of fitness and a few races a year. However, Michael Kelly’s article hit home at the real reason I ride, belong to a cycling club, and even race a little. Cycling is about emotion and some of the strongest emotions humans have are directed towards others. I love my wife and kids, but I also love my cycling companions. It’s obviously a different kind of love between the two, but the emotions are that strong.

Keep informing your readers, entertaining us, but most importantly keep reminding us of how much we get from this glorious sport.
– Hemanth Shenoi
Verona, WI USA

– Do yourself and Bergamo a favour. Dump this review. First off, the Fred-like posing in the pictures is unprofessional. The subject does not make the clothing look good. His facial expression, the props (the purse or whatever the heck he’s wearing) all look just plain goofy. And layering a vest over the jacket? Cripes he’s wearing a summer Kelme jersey and he’s complaining about being cold? Dump the clown!
– Lance

Pez Sez: Thanks for the note and glad to see you’re using our archive to the fullest. Sorry, though, that you miss the point of PEZCycling – which is all about including a healthy does of humor in our reporting, and never taking ourselves too seriously. But hey, we’re not for everybody.

-What a really nice tribute. I thank Manantan and PEZ for featuring this article on your site. I have fallen in love with cycling all over again and it is, today, both my favorite spectator sport AND my favorite pastime! Thank you for your contributions!

I lost my Mother on August 13, 2005. She was 62 years old and had been an avid cyclist (with my Father, who now is 71) for over 30 years. She died suddenly while bicycling. Inexplicably, she fell 25-30 feet from a highway overpass. We are almost certain she experienced a medical crisis before her fall (stroke, most likely), because that explanation fits some symptoms she had been having and we can’t believe there is any way she could have fallen if she had all her faculties.

Anyway, thanks for the nice tribute of Mankin, the lovely memories of my mother, and yet another reminder of so much of what is good and right about cycling.
– T. Walden

– Wow, what a great interview with unique points covered – not the same old same old stuff. This was terrific interview that asked questions I never even thought of. Way to go and keep it coming.
– John A. Levy

This sounds dumb, but I felt as though it was me talking to PS. You asked exactly the kind of questions I would have. Great job!!
– Scott Loder

– I wanted to thank you for the Maurice Burton story. You never know what kind of surprises you are going to get out of you guys sometimes. In this case, it is not only inspiring, but stimulating as well. Being a ‘rider of color’, I have often had a hard time finding black riders to emulate or even point other young riders toward.

My thanks are for two items in particular. First and foremost, PEZ acknowledged that there are some race issues in the sport, not unlike NASCAR, skiing, polo or hockey. But, with class, you point out that there have been and continue to be some socio-economic and racial biases and exceptions to those biases. However and secondly, PEZ also points out that no matter who you are, if you can ride a bike fast, well and in a winning fashion, it doesn’t matter who you are. If you ride fast, well and win, you could end up in a PEZ article. As soon as that happens, people like me are inspired to ride another skinny, white guy, dominated group ride through northern Virginia. And, I can also look to another hero, other than Lance and George, to emulate while spinning feet on a 55X14 set up.
– John ‘Major’ Nelson

TEAM SKIN Membership To Grow!
– Hey, thanks for including the photo of Darcy. I didn’t recognize the name of the person who submitted the photo, but her club rides the same circuit that mine does. She is a seriously fast rider, along with being not so hard to look at. She’s also polite; she said “excuse me” when lapping me.
– Scott Swanson

So, if I can drink beer with her and I can keep up with her on the bike, is there any possibility of the third? *****To my wife if you ever read this. THIS IS A JOKE!*****
– Geoffrey

I am sure you have gotten many of these questions but where can we get our hands on one of those “Team Skin” jerseys? That is good stuff!
– Tim McDonald

PEZ Sez: Check out the website at TeamSkin.org. Line up forms on the left.

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