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3 Holiday Destinations That’ll Appeal to Cyclists AND Non-Cyclists

When choosing your holiday, you should try and find somewhere which is inclusive of everyone you are going with and that appeals to them all depending on what kind of activities or hobbies they do. For example, if some of you enjoy cycling and some of you don’t, try and go to somewhere which appeals to both cyclists and non-cyclists. This is means you can go on holiday with a variety of friends, not just the ones who have the same interests as you. Even if you don’t do the same activities in the day, you can meet up in the evenings for meals!

Czech-Republic – Home to Casino Royale
One place that would be perfect for both a cycling holiday or a non-cycling holiday is the Czech-Republic. This European country is one that is less chosen by holiday goers than other countries such as Spain, but this doesn’t make it any less exciting. The Czech-Republic is home to Prague, an iconic city that has much to offer. Depending on whether you want a light cycle round the city, or a more vigorous one in the countryside, you should choose where you are staying based on this. For those who don’t cycle, the Czech-Republic has so many amazing things to see and do – including being the place where Casino Royale was filmed! If you are an avid fan, you could even find places that were seen in the movie shots.

A Mountain Range
Going to a mountain range is also good for both cyclists and non-cyclists. This is probably more suited to experienced cyclists who don’t mind a bit of a challenge, as it is bound to be difficult at points. However, you will get extremely fit and it will be very rewarding. You can always take breaks too – there is no time pressure. Likewise, for the non-cyclists, they can spend the days hiking, sunbathing or even swimming if you come across any lakes. After your days of activities, you can all reconvene for a fun evening together.

Somewhere with Beaches and Countryside
If you go for somewhere with both beaches and countryside, this will provide lots of activities for both cyclists and non-cyclists. When cycling, you want somewhere scenic which you can enjoy from your bike, so being on a country road or along a stretch of beach on the promenade would be ideal. This will also provide the non-cyclists with walking, swimming or cultural activities they could do. You may want to consider making your holiday a two-destination trip – the cyclists could cycle between destinations while the others get a bus.

Planning holidays can be stressful if there are quite a few of you. Don’t panic though, as long as the different people in the holiday have a couple of things planned, you will all enjoy yourselves thoroughly. It is often nice to go away with lots of people but not all stick together in the day – you will all have great stories to tell at the end of the trip too.




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