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4 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to France

When you are traveling, you always need to do some research prior to arriving in a new country. Every place has certain aspects that you need to be aware about. Here are some things you need to be aware of when going to France.

Watch Out For Scams
Scams are a common problem around the world in tourist locations. One scam that you need to be aware of when you are traveling through France that is notorious for targeting tourists is the ring scam. This involves people trying to “sell” you a ring that they found and are offering you. They expect some sort of reward for this act of kindness, but ultimately, the money you feel pressured to give them is much more than the worth of the ring itself. There are variations of this scam that involve using a ring as collateral for asking for money for a bus ticket or other means of transportation. This is a common scam in other countries as well, but it is always wise to be aware of potential risks when traveling through France so you know what to look out for.

Cycling Culture
France is one of the countries that is most known for cycling, being home to the Tour de France, a race for cyclists that takes place every year. But no one is expecting you to take part in such a competition. However, if you are traveling, a cycling tour in France is a great way to experience the country if you are up for it. Cycling around will allow you to get through the many different city streets and experience the city in an efficient means of travel. In comparison to a walking tour, or even a vehicle tour, you will have a little bit more freedom. Additionally, you’ll be traveling much quicker than walking, but also enjoy your time with the different scenery of the country and cities.

Dress For The Weather
The weather in France varies throughout the year. Much like other countries, you will have to consider the temperatures and weather conditions when traveling. It does snow in France, more so in certain regions, but for the most part does not often deal with heavy amounts of snow. It does get rainy during colder seasons, so dressing and bringing layers is important for certain times in the year.

Bumper Cars In Paris
When you are driving around in the city of Paris, you might notice something strange that may catch you off guard. Sometimes, when parallel parking you will see drivers bump other parked vehicles in order to get into or out of a spot. This is common practice in a cramped city. However, the people of the city understand this to be a unique practice to the local people that they will not do this with vehicles that have license plates from other cities. Although an unusual sight, this is just something to be aware of while in the city, especially if you rent a car to travel.

France is a friendly place to travel, as it often draws many tourists. If you find yourself unfamiliar or lost, its people are friendly and many speak English to help assist you with your concerns. A bit of preparation will ensure that your trip is fun and stress-free.



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