What's Cool In Road Cycling

The Best Slots to Play with a Cycling Theme

You'll never believe how slot game developers and designers manage to mix so many diverse themes into the slots they create and release. We're going to look at several cycling-themed slot games that you can find at a variety of online casinos.

Zwift Reveals Bright Neon Lights of Nighttime Neokyo

Zwift is opening the roads of Neokyo, the first expansion to Zwift’s latest world, Makuri Islands. Neokyo follows the original May 2021 Yumezi map release and doubles the size of Makuri Islands. Zwifters will be able to ride and run between these two contrasting maps, which will be connected by a road through the rice fields.

How to Predict Cycling Race Winners

Sports betting is thriving. Per a report from Grand View Research, this industry is expanding at an annual rate of 10.1%. Yet, compared to other sports, not a ton of people choose to wager on cycling events. That remains one of the least popular betting options out there.

Tom Dumoulin Back Riding After Car Accident Two Months Ago

Dutch pro road racer Tom Dumoulin is riding again, just two months after being hit by a car. The former world time trial champion suffered a broken wrist after being felled by the moving vehicle near his home in Holland in September and has since undergone a surgical procedure to repair the fracture.