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A Cyclist’s Guide to Surviving Quarantine


The coronavirus pandemic continues to cause our daily schedule to change, even for the bike riders. Bike races and many other major events were canceled and postponed for everyone’s protection. This will shake up your personal routine and may even affect your personal health and training.

There are plenty of cycling-related activities that can keep you occupied during these trying times. Check out these cyclist’s tips to surviving quarantine to maintain your good physique or to build a better one.

Turbo Training

It’s best to follow community directives to stay indoors to help stop the spread of the virus. Given this situation, you can ride indoors instead.

There are apps available to monitor you like Sufferfest, Zwift, and TrainerRoad. Each one can add a lot more life to otherwise dull, monotonous indoor training.

Route Layout

While waiting for things to go back to normal, you can plan ahead your route layout. Do some research and forecasts on what you will gain with your planned directions and activities. Finding new roads to ride on will give you thrill and excitement.

You can use your Google Maps that have a StreetView function to help you visualize the roads that you will go through. This app can help you remember some important landmarks on your way.


Has there ever been part of the experience that wasn’t quite right? Now’s the time to shop around for the wearables that will really make your trip go smoothly. Activewear is available from online stores such as Kryptek, and you can find all kinds of boutique makers of messenger bags, tools, or seats.

Strengthen Your Core

To become a better cyclist, you must strengthen your core and try to keep it that way. There are many home workouts available, and it is becoming the norm with all the gyms closed for quarantine also. Just find an open space inside your home and start your core workout. Learn how to de-train here.

Bike Tune-Up and Maintenance

Most cyclists have the basic knowledge to fix a mechanical problem but not entirely the solution to the issue.

Take this time indoors with your bike to learn how to fix different types of problems that may happen because of wear or road accidents. You can also study all your bike’s manual and functions so you know how to use it properly.

Watch Historical Races

The Internet can provide us with a lot of things, even old videos of past bike races. You can search YouTube some for some inspiration on what types of challenges to set for yourself. These clips can give you ideas and pointers that you can use for your biking strategies.

Riding Outside: Is It Safe?

As long as you are alone, riding outside is still safe. Just avoid crowded places and plan your ride ahead to stay out of trouble.

Experts seem to agree that the virus doesn’t linger in the air very long in cool temperatures. That may mean it’s best to ride in the morning or evening when the temperature is chillier.

A good 30 to 60 minutes of simple to moderate brisk activity may be good to help your immune system keep viruses away. Just be aware of any restrictions of quarantine in your area and put yourself in self-quarantine if you are not feeling well.

If you have severe flu symptoms, or the coronavirus itself, you should contact a doctor immediately for instructions about how you should get treated.

Some people think that if you catch the flu or the virus, you can just easily exercise the virus out of your system and simply sweat it out. It is totally the opposite, and you should have plenty of rest.

Flatten the Curve, Not the Wheels

It is very important to stay indoors to help flatten the curve. But this does not mean that you should stop your passion for riding your bike. Riding outside does help boost your immune system, but it is still best to stay indoors to help stop the spread.


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