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A Guide to Keirin Cycling Betting 

The world of gambling has changed significantly in the last few years, with online gambling taking the market by storm. 

Bettors have access to sportsbooks, thousands of casino games and various betting opportunities using online platforms. This means many forms of betting have popped up and sports betting has become a favourite pastime across the globe. One of these sports that have become popular to bet on, is Keirin cycling.

Predictions with Keirin racing aren’t very simple due to the complex battle of wills amongst the riders. However, once you understand the art of the game, trying to predict the outcome becomes highly fascinating. 

Keirin is a form of bicycle racing that is very popular in Japan, debuting in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. The race is typically 2 kilometres around a banked track, and the winner is the one who crosses the finish line after completing the entire number of rounds. Keirin cyclists don’t just concentrate on speed but also require a strategy to win. 

The race has nine riders lined up at the starting gate to complete the race, which typically depends on the track length. The pacing bikes can hit speeds of more than 50kph. This is a fast and very physical game, and the riders must wear thick padding to protect themselves if they are to crash. 

Keirin betting 

Keirin betting is amongst four sports in Japan that permit gambling alongside horse racing, speedboat racing and motorbike racing. For Keirin,  punters can purchase betting slips to place their odds like they would with any other sport. 

Keirin is now a trillion-yen betting sport with a very fierce gambling culture. The betting system allows as little as 100 Yen per race and the main aim is usually to predict which riders will take the top three spots.

Those not at the stadium would place their bets on a betting machine in a building that broadcasts the race live. Over the years, Keirin has also become modernised by allowing women to race and offering betting services online. Fans of Keirin can spend hours watching their favourites as well as catching up on results using online betting services such as Win Ticket. 

How to place a Keirin Cycling Bet

When a race is about to start at a velodrome, you could be watching at the velodrome or live from a bookmaker. 

  1. Go to the velodrome or visit your favourite off-track betting site
  2. Fill in the mark sheet that you get at your selected venue
  3. Place your bet by putting your wager amount and completed mark sheet into a ticket machine, and if you are doing it online, the system is usually automated, and you can place your bet with a click. 
  4. Wait for the race to start, and then enjoy the action unfolding in front of you. Whether this is at a velodrome or watching on the screens at an off-track betting site, Keirin is a great sport to follow and bet on. 
  5. If you bet on the winner, you can pick your payout at the velodrome, or if you are on an off-track betting site, the funds will be deposited into your betting account. 

Keirin racing has been around for a while now and isn’t going anywhere, as the sport is still one of the most popular amongst punters both watching live or at home. 






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