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A2D2 Offers Wind Tunnel Customers Enhanced Accessibility, Cost-Saving

A new segway-style device at the A2 Wind Tunnel, appropriately named “A2D2,” is offering customers of the North Carolina facility an enhanced access to testing that can greatly reduce expenses and increase accessibility.

The device is the “Double” by Double Robotics, a cutting-edge user controlled robot with an iPad mounted to the top of the frame. Using Double Robotics technology, A2 customers can test their products in the wind tunnel and view the tests live without having to travel to North Carolina.

A2D2 offers customers the option to save a dramatic amount of money.

Many times, travel expenses surpass the cost of the wind tunnel test, A2’s David Salazar noted. A2D2 allows customers the opportunity to send fewer representatives to North Carolina for wind tunnel testing while still allowing those representatives and interested parties the opportunity to engage in the test.

Certain companies can get away with no travel to the A2 Wind Tunnel, such as the California-based Williams Cycling.

“Williams Cycling in Stockton, California, was the first company to put A2D2 to use,” Salazar said. “Williams reps had total control of A2D2, driving it around the wind tunnel and the control room. We discussed data, proposed ideas and truly engaged them in the test from thousands of miles away. This is a revolutionary offering that will save our customers money and improve their time in the tunnel; we’re very pleased to now offer A2D2, and many thanks to Double Robotics for making this possible.”

Keith Williams of Williams Cycling offered his thoughts on A2’s latest enhancement.

“To have this access to a facility with the capability of A2 is huge for a company like ours,” Williams said. “An east-coast test from our California base could take us out of the office for three days when you count a day of travel, a day to test, and a day to return home.

“The ability to simply log on to the test from our office and interact with Dave as if we were right there in A2 was quite an experience,” Williams added. “Not only did it save us a lot of money in travel expenses, but with full access to the tunnel at our control, we felt like we were actually there every step of the way. Now prototype testing is going to be almost effortless as we can send something right away to get tested and have immediate results while saving us time and money.”

The addition of A2D2 is the latest in a series of upgrades that have the A2 Wind Tunnel at the pinnacle of world leaders in aero cycling analysis.

A2’s recent upgrades also include a complete camera-system enhancement with six high-definition cameras, 28 high-intensity lights in the test section to enhance the HD cameras’ performance, Dartfish, the most advanced video technology software on the market, and a new 46-inch flat-screen TV in the control room to enhance customer viewing.

For more information on A2D2 and how it can help your company, visit a2wt.com, contact David Salazar at 704-235-6054 or email [email protected].

Williams Cycling reps viewing their wind tunnel test via A2D2
A2 Wind Tunnel photo


A2D2 in action at the A2 Wind Tunnel
A2 Wind Tunnel photos

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