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AEG supplies Lotto Soudal with home appliances for its brand-new kitchen truck

Each morning and evening the Lotto Soudal riders get a meal that is prepared by team cook Carol De Dobbelaere and his assistant Guillaume Barbier. They prepare these in the brand-new kitchen truck, which was first used at the Dauphiné. The kitchen truck is a partnership between Lotto Soudal, Smartbox and AEG, manufacturer of home appliances.

Gerrit Decock, marketing manager AEG Benelux: “It’s the first time AEG enters a partnership with a sports team in Belgium. Because Lotto Soudal is a team with a big history in cycling we are proud of this cooperation. At AEG we focus on healthy food and who lives more healthy than sportsmen? Steaming is the best method to put healthy and tasty food on the table. The ProCombi Steam Plus is our showpiece and of course you can find it in the kitchen truck of Lotto Soudal. Steaming food is much more healthy than cooking it because the vitamins remain in the food. The taste of all ingredients is better when you steam. With the ProCombi Steam Plus you can also cook vacuum and store the food longer.”

“Other appliances in the kitchen truck are among other the Combi microwave and the latest gas ring of AEG. That uses 20% less gas than the previous versions and that’s an advantage because the kitchen truck is on a different location every day. There are also the classic appliances like fridges and freezers. Professional chefs, like team cook Carol De Dobbelaere, can prepare their meals perfectly with home appliances of AEG. We already planned a few workshops with Carol for the end of the year at the AEG cooking clubs in Belgium, for consumers who want to live healthy and love to sport. He’ll show them some recipes in which steaming is central.”

Carol De Dobbbelare, team cook Lotto Soudal: “I am very satisfied with this kitchen truck. Otherwise you need to cook in the kitchen of the hotel where the team is staying and it’s a different situation each day. Now I have my own kitchen on wheels. In a strange kitchen you always have to look for the material. Now I can plan my day better, I don’t lose any time. I can cook on many locations, I only need water and electricity.”

“There is lots of storage room in the truck, so I already bought several products in Belgium. The kitchen appliances of AEG are very good. I use the ProCombi Steam Plus all the time. I’m in the kitchen truck from six o’clock in the morning to prepare breakfast for the riders, then I ride to the next hotel with it and start preparing dinner. My work is done at about eleven o’clock in the evening. This kitchen truck is my home during the Tour.”

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