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Horizontally mounted BTA (between the arms) hydration systems are aerodynamically faster, period. Triathletes who are constantly in pursuit of faster and more efficient systems have known this for a while now.

After seeing athletes struggle with zip tied creations and Velcro® attached monstrosities for years, we were asked by Jordan Rapp to create a real solution to the growing need for a well engineered BTA system that incorporated the computer head unit. So, we tasked our design staff to make it so. Here is what Rapp had to say upon receiving the finished product.


“It’s been amazing to have the support of Ben Waite at ZIPP and Mark Cantella at SRAM® in the evolution of this project. All of my feedback has been welcome and well-received. Whenever we hit an obstacle, there was always a sense of, “okay, that didn’t work… now how can we fix it?” The goal has always been to make these pieces better and better until we all felt the offering was the best-in-class. And after getting the final production pieces, I’m confident that’s what we’ve done.”

The demand for a system like this was just that, demanding. We are proud to introduce to you the results of our efforts, the Vuka BTA mount with QuickView.

• Mount frame is forged 6061T6 alloy construction for durability, strength and light weight.
• QuickView quarter turn mount accepts all Garmin® Edge® series head units, and offers multiple positions for placement and visibility.
• Mounting hardware is laser etched with precision alignment scale, allowing a wide range of adjustability, with exact placement.
• Designed and engineered specifically for the Vuka BTA mount, the Zipp Vuka BTA bottle cage is constructed completely from UD carbon fiber, for light weight and strength, as well as super secure bottle fitment. Engineered to virtually eliminate any unwanted bottle launch.


Zipp Vuka BTA bottle cage:

Weight: 28g
Retail availability: April 2014
MSRP: $75/ €67/ £57


Zipp Vuka BTA mount with Quickview:

Weight: 104g
Retail availability: April 2014
MSRP: $65/ €58/ £49.

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