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Clothes designed to adhere at the best to the female body, a wide choice of designs and colors, the fabrics and the production process and the obsessive attention to details: these are the characteristics that make Alé clothes unique and perfect for the female universe. The secret? Each garment is created by women, for women.

Only women really know what women want: then who better than Alé could study and implement lines dedicated to the world of women cycling, lines that are not, as often happens, a derivation of the male ones, but are modeled from research carried out female anatomy?


Alé is a reality composed almost entirely of women: woman is the general manager, Alessia Piccolo, who personally oversees the entire production process, from the idea to the tests; women are so many of the people working in Alé and women, of course, are those who try the products.

Feedback to improve come from athletes of the italian women dream team Alé Cipollini Galassia, led by Alessia Piccolo, as well as from many women that climb in the saddle “only” for the pleasure of cycling. Different universes joined by a common passion for cycling: Alé answer to both of them. PRR line is the top of the range, a professional line, designed to ensure the best performance and perfect for prof because the choice of fabrics, the innovative production processes and the tests in the wind tunnel ensure maximum ergonomic fit and perfect aerodynamics: this allows athletes to translate into action their potential. Even the professional cyclists, however, can not and do not want to give up their feminine side, so the PRR line for WOMEN combines the racing fit of menswear, with the attention to details and design that are essential for women, with a wide choice of colors.

For the athletes, who must often face to the adverse weather conditions, Klimatik for women was born: this is the greatest news for the female world. As the male line of the same name, it is windproof and waterproof, these clothes are real protective shells that allow you to win even against the bad weather. In this case, the #yellowfluo details give a touch of femininity to these clothes.

If these lines are “strong”, dedicated to prof or to those who live the competitive side of the bike, for all women who cycle for passion and fun, Alé has created garments that provide greater freedom of movement, as they are made with “cotton hand” fabrics. These clothes are excellent for cycling, but are perfect also for spinning and gym. The wide range of colors allows women to give outburst to their taste and to show off their style.

A unique style, like every woman and like every Alé garments.


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