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Alex Dowsett Sets New Hour Record in Endura Skinsuit

He did it! After months and months of hard training and extensive preparations, a broken collar bone and a successful recovery, many hours in the wind tunnel and on the track, lots of time and expertise spent on bike set-up and aero position, 57 versions of the Endura skinsuit made and tested specifically for this event, everything fell into place during the Perfect Hour.

Alex Dowsett has set a new hour record of 52.937km today from 1 to 2pm in the National Cycling Centre in Manchester, smashing Rohan Dennis former record of 52.491km that had been achieved on 8 February 2015 at the Velodrome Suisse, Grenchen, Switzerland.

Endura would like to congratulate Alex to his amazing achievement! The Scottish company is extremely proud of having created the winning, watt-saving kit in collaboration with Drag2Zero for the new UCI Hour Record holder. 57 versions of the highly advanced aero suit, featuring 30 different fabrics, were produced in Endura’s state of the art facilities in Scotland and tested during more than 24 hours of wind tunnel time. Then they were tested again in the velodrome to create the fastest skinsuit possible. All Endura staff, whether they’ve been involved in designing, developing, and manufacturing the Essex rider’s speed suit or not, have followed the preparations for the Perfect Hour and the event itself with keen interest and passion.

Endura’s founder and managing director Jim McFarlane:
“Well the first thing to say is “Well done Alex!”. We’ve all been working flat out to achieve this but it took Alex’s legs to pull it off and his commitment is unquestionable, especially after the setback of his broken collarbone at the start of the year. It’s been an exhausting process but a great experience for all of us at Endura nonetheless and a force for good in dragging out the best in our product development and production teams knowing what is at stake and the huge impact that having the fastest possible suit can make.”

For the general public an aero speed suit featuring some of the technologies used in Alex’s suits is available through Endura’s custom program (only available in the UK at this point of time) WT range, which also contains a variety of other pieces developed with the Movistar Team, all available for production in custom team graphics.

Alex’ preparations for the Perfect Hour in the windtunnel and on the track:

The production of his cutting-edge speed suit at Endura:

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