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All the Colours of the Tour de Pologne

The jerseys for the 2013 edition: yellow, white-red, red and cyclamen.

The big date with the 70th Tour de Pologne is getting closer and closer. This edition promises to be particularly exciting, thanks in part to the big start from Trentino in Italy that will bring the Polish stage race to the famous Dolomite mountains.

Yellow, white-red, red and cyclamen: these are the colours that will distinguish the 2013 edition; a different colour for each of the four jerseys provided by Quest Sportswear that will identify the leaders of the special classifications planned for the Tour de Pologne that will take place from July 27th to August 3rd.

The most coveted yellow jersey is the one that identifies the “master of the race” among all the riders in the peloton, that is to say the leader of the general classification. The rider wearing this jersey on the final podium in Krakow will also be the winner of the Tour de Pologne. Last year this honour went to none other than a man from Trentino, the young, talented Moreno Moser, who engaged in a breathtaking duel with Poland’s own Michal Kwiatkowski. In keeping with tradition the yellow jersey is being sponsored by Skandia, an international company specializing in life insurance which has always been an historical partner of the Tour de Pologne.

The fast wheels in the group will instead be focusing on the white-red jersey. This important jersey was won in 2012 by Britain’s Ben Swift. It is sponsored by the Lang Team (organizer of the Tour de Pologne) and the choice of white and red represents the colours of the Polish national flag. This jersey is worn by the leader of the special points’ classification, usually a sprinter, and is earned by collecting points put into play at each stage finish line.

Then there is the all-red jersey that distinguishes the most “active” rider in the group. It is earned by collecting points put into play at various “Lotna Premia”, moving mileposts that reward riders that break out the most often or who are always in the lead positions of the group, “making the race” and rallying the troops into battle. In 2011 and 2012 this prize went to Poland’s own Adrian Kurek, to the thrill of the hometown crowds of fans.

The cyclamen jersey traditionally identifies the leader of the special classification for climbers who collect points up for grabs in the various G.P.M. (Mountain Grand Prix). In 2012 this jersey was won by a Pole, Tomasz Marczynski. The cyclamen jersey is sponsored Tauron Polska Energia, one of the most important Polish energy management companies which has been a passionate and committed member of the Tour de Pologne family for the last three years.

Finally, we remind you that every day at the Tour de Pologne the winner of each stage will receive their prize from Bank BGZ – Bank Gospodarki Żywnościowej SA, another historical partner of the Tour de Pologne which will also be the main sponsor of the Tour de Pologne Amatorow, the race open to cycling fans and tourists. After amazing success in past editions, this year the event will take place during the VI stage at Bukowina Tatrzanska. And we mustn’t forget to mention the classification that rewards the best Polish rider in the Tour de Pologne powered by Lotos.

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