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An Attractive and Stylish Design for the New 2014 OPQS Outfit

OPQS Cycling Team is proud to present the new racing outfit our athletes will be wearing during the 2014 season. The outfit is produced by the Vermarc company, one of the exceptional partners of the team for many years. The design of the outfit has been renovated for the next season. Compared to 2013, the jersey features clearer and more decisive lines, and a black colour scheme that makes the jersey more aggressive — yet more elegant and stylish at the same time!

The jersey, modeled by Julien Vermote in the photo attached, also stands out with the OPQS brand emblazoned on the sleeves. This logo is increasingly becoming a representative trademark for the team in all its communication, not only on social networks. Next year the back of the outfit will again show off the Twitter accounts of the team riders, giving a personal touch to each individual jersey. Also, for the second year in a row, the front will display the UCI logo that honors the Team Time Trial World Championship squad!


Another new feature on the sleeves involves the return of the Latexco logo, which had been substituted over the last few years by one of the brands from the same noted Flemish company, Innergetic.

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“We are happy with the design of our new jersey,” explained Team Manager Patrick Lefevere. “The 2014 design is an evolution that follows in the footsteps of the jersey from the previous two years. This is partly made possible by the important and loyal sponsors that appear on our clothes. Thanks to them we are able to ensure the continuity of the team and build up a clear corporate image linked to a strong communication strategy. This jersey is made even more special since even some of our riders were involved in the creation process. Their feedback and ideas were an important factor in reaching this result. We are sure that our fans will be able to appreciate a jersey that can wisely combine the tradition and history of OPQS with a modern, stylish design.”


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