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Area Zero-D’Amico-Bottecchia Soars in the Land of Eagles

In Albania Iltjan Nika has won the Under 23 National titles in road racing and TT. Next Race: Sibiu Cycling Tour.

Area Zero-D’Amico-Bottecchia has scored a satisfying double in Albania. Over the weekend of National Championships, our rider Iltjan Nika, who was born in Puke in1995, captured the titles in both the time trials and the road race in the under 23 category.

“Nika is a young and very interesting rider. This is his first year in the pros and with our team he can gain experience and grow,” explains Sports Director Massimo Codol. “In the minors he has already shown promise and some of his best results include the bronze medal earned as a junior at the 2013 Florence World Championships. As far as his skills are concerned, I can say that he’s a good passer who also however has remarkable bursts of speed; in fact, on Sunday he won the road race by beating his two break mates in the final sprint.”

Area Zero-D’Amico-Bottecchia’s season now proceeds in Romania with the Sibiu Cycling Tour from July 1st to the 5th, kicki.ng off on Wednesday evening with a 2.3 km prologue time trial.

01-05/07 Sibiu Cycling Tour (Rom) UCI 2.1
Riders: Giorgio Bocchiola, Adriano Brogi, Thomas Capocchi, Paolo Ciavatta, Silvio Giorni, Iltjan Nika, Antonio Parrinello.
D.S.: Massimo Codol.


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