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Area Zero D’Amico Goes to the GP Citta’ di Camaiore

After experiences in Slovenia and Switzerland, Area Zero D’Amico has returned to racing in Italy. On Thursday, March 6th, the team will take part in a top level race like the Gran Premio Città di Camaiore. This edition of the Tuscan classic promises to be special, with no less than 9 World Tour formations and the finest professionals lining up at the starting line.

“It was immensely satisfying for us to have received an invitation from the organizers of the Camaiore, because we are a Continental team; what’s more, we are making our debut this year with very young riders,” explains team manager Ivan De Paolis, at the helm of the squad together with Andrea Tonti. “All credit goes to our guys; it means that up until now they’ve showed off some nice moves and proven their worth. It’s proof that the hard work we’ve been doing is starting to pay off. An impressively high starting field has been announced for Camaiore. For us it is going to be a good chance to gain some experience and measure ourselves against the top teams in the pack. Our guys are going to try to honour the race the best they can, which by the way they have always done in all the races they’ve ridden until now.”

“On the team there is tremendous enthusiasm, every race helps our morale and boosts our confidence. I think that the GP Camaiore will be a very challenging race, not so much for the route as for the level of the riders and teams in the race. As always Paolo Ciavatta, who is the most experienced rider on the team, will be our point man. However, unfortunately we will have to do without 3 important men like Andrea Pasqualon, Gianluca Mengardo and Stefano Tonin, who are sitting it out in the pit for now,” explains Andrea Tonti , who is busy wearing the two hats of team manager and sports director in the team car, flanked by Massimo Codol.


06/03/2014 GP Città di Camaiore (ITA) 1.1

Riders: Giovanni Carboni, Paolo Ciavatta, Fabio Chinello, Silvio Giorni, Gianluca Leonardi, Charly Petelin, Simone Petilli, Marco Tecchio.

D.s.: Andrea Tonti and Massimo Codol.

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