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Oh no, not another newsletter.

Up until now we haven’t sent out any newsletters because we simply think there are too many of them already out there. Seriously, how many of them do you actually read? Not that many, that’s what we thought. To be honest we probably wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for one thing.


You asked for it.

At some point you checked the little box indicating that you want us to keep you updated. That has to mean that you actually are interested in what we do..? So what do we fill it with? Well, the ambition is to give you an insight that you don’t get elsewhere. We want to reward you for showing interest in what we do so there will be the occasional offer included. Maybe you can get a sneak peak on new stuff we’ve come up with. Or we will share the tough parts, the failures and the dead ends. So here we go…


Only for you, my dear newsletter subscriber…

20% Sale BEFORE Christmas!
Thats when you need it the most, right? Not after Christmas when you already had a ton of gifts anyway… To make sure you get your gifts in time for Christmas we will lure you in with a 20% discount code if you place order before the 15th of December.
Use the discount code CHRISTMASS at checkout for instant joy!

Yay, take me shopping!

Red Hook Crit – Proudly sponsored by… little us!


Having followed the progress of the Red Hook Crit race for a couple of years, it was not until last August in Barcelona that we got to see it for real. It was so mad, so intense and such a great atmosphere that when the goosebumps finally settled we knew that this is something that we want to be a part of.


This resulted in a special edition designed in collaboration with RHC’s Creative Director Jonah Birns. The Red Hook Saver was launched in time for the last race for the season in Milan, Italy and was received very well. A substantial part of the sales goes directly to the race organisation and we are happy to be able to support one of the most interesting bike races around. To find out more about the race go here: redhookcrit.com
To see more of our own pictures from the race go here.

3 artists, 100 canvasses each.
I don’t know if you also noticed but right now we live in the renaissance of the bicycle. It’s a bustling place full of artful innovators and creative nutcases that are re-drawing the maps of this industry, putting passion and fun at front row, where it’s supposed to be. Being a small part of this revolution, we constantly bump into people with magic talents and endless energy. Every time we say “Let’s do something!” but far to often the opportunity drifts away before anything can materialize. Not this time. We gave three artists/designers/painters from the European street art scene, free hands to do what ever they wanted on a limited run of 100 Ass Savers each. This is what they came up with.


For better…


We would like to congratulate Andrew Elders from Belfast who were the lucky winner of a KNOG Blinder set in our user survey that we sent out earlier this month. We also would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who participated and shared their experience with us. This information is one of the most important inputs when we develop new products and we can assure you that we listen carefully to what you have to say. Thanks!

…or worse.


We’ve also had our first quality issue! I guess you could see it as an inevitable milestone in the world of production. It turns out that due to a faulty material shipment of the yellow color, some of the mudguards that we have sold are brittle and crack very easily. Especially now, when the temperature drops. We just want to remind you that we have a very generous 100% satisfaction guarantee so if you’ve experienced this or any other mishaps, please contact us at [email protected] so we can make it up to you!


That’s all for this time folks!

Take care and remember, we got you covered!
/Staffan the Stoked and the mighty Ass Savers team!

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