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Astana BePink race in Northern Europe and the USA

Astana BePink continue their journeys across the borders with the Asian Cycling Championships being held in Kazakhstan where currently engaged are Kazakh: Marzhan Baitleuova, Mahabbat Umutzhanova and Junior Yekateryna Yuraytis and Fayna Potapova, accompanied by the DS – Zulfia Zabirova. The other girls games are in Northern Europe and the United States to take part in four interesting challenges on two wheels.

With regard to the Old Continent , the European Champion Susanna Zorzi, Mary Alice Arzuffi, the Swiss champion Doris Schweizer and Ana Covrig, directed by DS Giuseppe Dioguardi, Friday May 30 will line up at the start of Boels Rental Hills Classic, the Dutch race category 1.1. Also in the Netherlands, Saturday, May 31 will face the Rabobank 7 – Dorpenomloop Aalburg ( 1.2) , while Sunday, June 1 will move to Belgium for Gooik – Geraardsbergen – Gooik ( 1.1).

Anna Zita Maria Stricker, Simona Frapporti, Silvia Valsecchi, Alice Algisi, Dalia Muccioli the Italian Champion and Champion of Belarus Alena Amialiusik, on Sunday, June 1 will be engaged on the stars and stripes roads for The Philadelphia Cycling Classic (category 1.1), led by Team Manager Walter Zini .

Line -up Boels Rental Hills Classic (Friday May 30th) , Rabobank 7 – Dorpenomloop Aalburg (Saturday May 31) , Gooik – Geraardsbergen – Gooik ( Sunday, June 1 ) :
Mary Alice Arzuffi , Italy , born 19/11/1994
Ana Covrig , Italy, born on 8 / 12/1994
Doris Schweizer, Switzerland , born 29.8.1989
Susanna Zorzi, Italy , born 13/03/1992

Line -up The Philadelphia Cycling Classic ( Sunday, June 1 ) :
Alice Algisi , Italy , born 10/03/1993
Alena Amialiusik , Belarus, born on 02.06.1989
Simona Frapporti , Italy , born 14/07/1988
Dalia Muccioli , Italy , born 05/22/1993
Anna Zita Maria Stricker, Italy , born 07/03/1994
Silvia Valsecchi , Italy , born 07/19/1982.


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