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Astana BePink to Asian Championships

The yong Baitleuova and Umutzhanova will wear the Kazakh jersey.

Astana BePink Women Team is really excited for the important appointment that awaits the young Kazakh athletes, Mahabbat Umutzhanova and Marzhan Baitleuova, chosen to represent the colors of their country to the Asian Cycling Championships, that will take place in Astana (Kazakhstan) from Wednesday, May 21st to Sunday, June 1st.

At the continental challenge the two athletes born in 1994, that are accompained by the Sports Director Zulfia Zabirova, will participate to the track competitions (May 21st-26th) and also to the road races (May 28th – June 1st). The first athlete to compete, on May 22nd, will be Marzhan Baitleuova for the Individual Pursuit qualification (the next day there will be the final); Mahabbat Umutzhanova, instead, will participate to the Omnium race (24th and 25th May).

From the parquet to the road, the following week (on May 28th) Baitleuova will participate to the individual time trial, while both of the athletes will be present at the road race on May 31st.

This will be a fundamental appointment not only for our athletes, chosen to represent their own country during a “home” race, but for the whole team. From this year on the “pink” team directed by Team Manager Walter Zini wears the light-blue jersey that symbolizes the partnership with Astana, who supports cyclists at the highest professional level as well as young ones. This really shows how much the Kazakh team cares about the growth and development of women cycling.

“We are very proud of this convocation” said Team Manager Walter Zini. “We are also happy because we managed to work well with the Kazakh athletes over the first part of the season, and we will continue to do so when the girls come back to Italy. Over the last few months Mahabbat and Marzhan improved a lot and so we are confident that they will do well during these races.”

In addition to Marzhan Baitleuva and Mahabbat Umutzhanova, the Juniores Fayna Potapova and Yekateryna Yuraytis, that are part of Astana BePink Women Team’s young athletes program, will also wear the Kazakh jersey.

These the races of the Asian Championships in which will participate our athletes:
22/23 May – track – Individual Pursuit (q and f) (Marzhan Baitleuova, Kazakhstan, born on 12/03/1994)
24/25 May – track – Omnium (Mahabbat Umutzhanova, Kazakhstan, born on 11/08/1994)
28 May – road – Individual Time Trial (Marzhan Baitleuova)
31 maggio – road – Road Race (Marzhan Baitleuova, Mahabbat Umutzhanova)

Mazhan Baitleuova.

Mahabbat Umutzhanova.

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