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Baron Biosystems Introduces Xert Advanced Power Data Analytics Software

Baron Biosystems Ltd., a sports science software company, announced today the release of Xert™ Advanced Power Data Analytics software. Xert is a software suite that analyzes power data, both recorded and in real-time, to provide athletes with deep insight into their fitness and performance. After extensive modeling and beta-testing on thousands of athletes, Xert’s advanced fitness model establishes an athlete’s Maximal Power Available (MPA™) at every moment during an activity.

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“Determining MPA marks the beginning of an entirely new way of measuring athletic fitness.” says Armando Mastracci, founder of Baron Biosystems. “MPA is the very heart of performance and essential to any endeavour that is impacted by muscular fatigue.”

Xert is currently targeted towards cyclists that are using power meters to improve their fitness and monitor their performance. Xert’s MPA-based techniques enable them to determine their fitness without having to perform those dreaded, often difficult to execute 20-minute FTP tests. Xert Online, a desktop and mobile web-based app, tracks an athlete’s fitness progression, ride-by-ride, by discovering fitness breakthroughs in power data using MPA. When used in real-time via their Xert Mobile for Android or Garmin ConnectIQ apps, Xert helps cyclists train and race better by providing feedback on their ability to produce power.

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With a broad feature set, and easy-to-understand user interfaces, Xert is positioned to be an essential tool to anyone with a power meter. “As our ability to measure power expands into other sports and disciplines, Xert will provide athletes and coaches new, essential insights that will transform athletic training and performance forever.”

You can read our review of the Xert system by PEZ Toolbox editor, Stephen Cheung, HERE.

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About Baron Biosystems
Baron Biosystems specializes in the area of exercise physiology and performance data analytics. The company has developed Xert, a ground-breaking, innovative fitness data management platform with web, mobile and embedded applications that offers new, innovative capabilities to athletes in improving their fitness, training and performance.

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