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Beercycling Announces the “Ardennes Trappist Challenge”

Fresh off of another successful touring season, Beercycling.com is announcing new expanded offerings for 2014. This will be their fourth year providing beer and cycling-themed tours in Belgium and the Netherlands, two of the biggest beer destinations in Europe. In addition to their extremely popular guided tours of northern Belgium (Flanders) and western Holland, the growing company is now offering excursions into French-speaking southern Belgium (Wallonia). The highlight and theme of these adventurous 8-Day tours will be cycling to historic Trappist Monasteries.

“For many beer connoisseurs Trappist beer is considered the Holy Grail,” says Henk Wesselink, local European tour guide with Beercycling. “Cycling straight to the source where the monks perform their beer-making magic will be on par with taking a religious pilgrimage, just with a tad more drinking,” he jokingly adds.

The tour will cater towards advanced cyclists as riders will be exploring the “Ardennes” forest, the hilly section of Belgium. For their physical efforts they will be rewarded with outstanding scenic vistas and samplings of the finest beer in the world. In addition to experiencing the Trappist monasteries producing the legendary Rochefort, Chimay, and Orval ales, riders will also get to visit Fantome, La Chouffe, Interpol, Brasserie de Bastogne, Brasserie Bouillon, and Cantillon along the 8-Day route. Included in trip costs are a local guide, B&B-style accommodations, daily breakfast/lunch, and use of a Beercycling assist van that will transport luggage and meals along the way. The initial set of “Ardennes Trappist Challenge” dates will run from July 18th to 25th, followed by a second tour from July 26th to August 2nd, 2014. A full itinerary, including registration and pricing can be found here: www.beercycling.com/8-day-ardennes-trappist-challenge/

So, why would a tour with Beercycling be considered a bucket list item? “It’s the type of clients we attract,” states Evan Cohan, Beercycling.com founder. “Everyone on our tours loves great beer, traveling to new breweries and the outdoors. They know that beer tastes even better after physical exercise and that quality is more important than quantity. Riders immediately connect with one another and develop friendships over this common bond. So much, in fact, that we actually had two riders meet on a tour, fall in love, get married, and return for a second tour on their honeymoon! That’s a big honor for us, and really makes us guides love our jobs.” More stories can be found here: www.beercycling.com/beercycling-rider-testimonials/

Beercycling’s other major offerings for 2014 that are geared towards beginning cyclists include the “10-Day Flanders Adventure” and the “10-Day Amsterdam to Brussels Endeavor” tours. They also offer an abridged version of each, the “4-Day Belgium Sampler” and the “4-Day Taste of Holland” that are available on demand or for self-guided groups. A full list of all 2014 tour dates can be found here: www.beercycling.com/tour-dates/

For more information about Beercycling, please contact [email protected] or visit www.beercycling.com. You can follow along with the riders during each tour on Facebook (www.facebook.com/beercycling), Instagram (www.instagram.com/beercycling) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/beercycling).

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