What's Cool In Road Cycling

Beginners Guide to Road Cycling as a Sport

Introduction: A brief about road cycling.

The introduction of bicycles in the 19th century brought about a new and more efficient mode of transportation. People were able to get around to work, school and run errands. Road racing became an organized sport in the late 19th century and has gone on to become highly popular in Europe. Of all the sports in the world today, cycling is among the very few that allow for mass participation. The main feature of the game is it is practiced with bicycles and involves cyclists traveling in certain routes, at certain distances with the one completing it in the shortest possible time emerging the winner. Although a world-renowned sport, it is still relatively unknown and unappreciated in certain parts of the world in comparison to other kinds of sport.

Types of road cycling

Road cycling is categorized into two disciplines, racing, and non-racing. The racing categories allow for both team and individual competitors and are conducting in different kinds of settings. Participants race each other through given terrains, tracks and weather conditions which require applying skills and tactics such as climbing, breaking, drafting and speed with each team or individual trying to finish in the shortest amount of time in comparison to the other competitors. The types of racing include road cycling, track cycling, cyclocross, cycle speedway, BMX and mountain bike to name a few. These races can be a single day, individual time trial (ITT), stage races and ultra-marathon type races and they have spun world events like the Grand Tours, UCI World tours, the Olympic games, and Paris-Rouen but the most famous is the tour de France. Non-racing types of cycling include mountain bike trials and freestyle BMX. Here participants show off their skill and technique on the bicycles. Both categories and race types also have bikes and gears designed and suitable for each type.

Benefits of road cycling as a sport and recreational activity

The benefits of cycling both recreationally and as a sport have long been lauded.

  • To begin with, it is easily the healthiest way to get around and or compete both for the human body and the environment. The world health organization has conducted studies that prove that cycling reduces the risk of diseases brought on by sedentary lifestyles such as joint and muscular problems, heart disease, stroke, depression, and diabetes. It is also used for physiotherapeutic and post-surgery rehabilitation purposes. It improves mental health and psychology and is the perfect way to get a full-body workout and relieve stress.
  • As far as the environment goes, bicycles are the better option for conservation and reduction in air and noise pollution. They are relatively quiet machines and do not consume fossil fuels or emit poisonous gasses into the atmosphere.
  • Cycling is also cost-effective. It is a cheap and easily accessible mode of transportation not to mention the ease of access as it can go through places a larger, noisier vehicle cannot or may not be allowed into.
  • As a sport, It is also an opportunity for people to make financial investments. Sports’ cycling is a highly lucrative sport with millions being injected into it in investment and endorsement deals. Online betting sites also offer spectators looking to make a buck while enjoying their game an opportunity to cash in on the excitement.
  • The sheer excitement and anticipation it gives fans and spectators and ardent followers are enough to boost their confidence and solidify their passion for the game. The thrill they get from competing and cheering on their favorite team or competitor is part of what makes sports fun. It provides a thrilling sense of the unknown, and the opportunity to socialize and bond with people.


Road cycling is simply one of the best most wholesome sports in the world today. It offers benefits not just to the pockets of participants and their investors but to the overall health and wellbeing of man and his environment. In this green age, where people are becoming more conscious and responsible about how their activities affect the planet, it is set to become even more popular and relevant the world over.



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