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Belkin accepts twelfth place in TTT

The Belkin Pro Cycling Team hoped for a top ten in the team time trial at the World Championships. However, after the 52-kilometre from Montacatini Terme to Florence, the six riders had to settle for a 12th place. The team accepted the result knowing they did everything possible.

Jan Boven
“We had hoped to do a little bit better. A top five spot would have been superb, a place in the top ten good. We failed to manage to do so and that’s disappointing. Especially since we prepared properly. The boys, however, did what they could.”

Stef Clement
“We haven’t achieved our goal and that is disappointing. Maybe we started a bit cautious, but at the end of the ride, we were suffering a lot, so you cannot say that we lost time in the beginning. It’s not fun, but we must accept this 12th place.”

Jos van Emden
“I had, and still have, great confidence in this team but this 12th place is disappointing. As a professional athlete you always aim for the highest, and this is not that. We cannot blame each other, however.”

Rick Flens
“I had hoped to finish a little bit higher up but it just wasn’t in the cards for us. Up to five kilometres from the finish it went well, but from that point on I started to really suffer.”

Wilco Kelderman
“Time trialing is always a hard job. We did what we could. I feel ready for next week’s road race. Over the next few days, I’ll rest a bit and on Wednesday, I’ll do one last good training.”

Tom Leezer
“Time trialing is a nice discipline, but it’s also a very painful discipline. I’m a little disappointed, but we have to accept this.”

Robert Wagner
“Personally it went very well. The Vuelta proved to be a good preparation. As a team we gave our all. I really liked the course. I want to compliment the Italians.”

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