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Belkin Team Tour News: Limited damage after stage 6

Limited damage.
For the Belkin Pro Cycling Team, the sixth stage was all about Bauke Mollema. The primary goal was to keep the leader out of trouble and that went well up until he fell together with Mark Cavendish at the close. The damage was luckily limited.

Tour de France: Quotes following stage 6

Lars Boom
“There was a early, solo breakaway, but we reeled him back in without too much trouble. It seems no one wanted to have any part of a lead group as attackers really had no chance today.”

Laurens ten Dam
“Like many of the other teams, we have a group that is focused on the mountains. In principle it was just fine that we did not form an echelon. There’s no other team out there with more than two guys for the flats.”

Robert Gesink
“I picked up water bottles a few times and got Bauke back up front after his fall, but for the rest, I spent most of the day in the back. That is a safe place for a non-classification rider.”

Tom Leezer
“It was hard work today. I have to confess it was a bit trying. It’s a shame that Bauke crashed at the end. We had everything under control.”

Bauke Mollema
“Actually, the fall was the only negative – up until that moment everything was going perfectly. We maintained a spot in the front row just in case anything should happen. When Cavendish skidded out thirty kilometre before the finish, he took me with him. Luckily, that damage was minimal. I have some abrasions, which is never fun, but I’ll be fine.”

Lars Petter Nordhaug
“The team was very strong and supported Bauke well. I was in the peloton myself. I hope to be useful to Bauke in the more challenging stages. I did help Bauke to get back up front after his fall.”

Bram Tankink
“Today was a key stage. In hindsight, the landscape was perhaps not open enough to form an echelon but if that would have happened, we were ready for it.”

Sep Vanmarcke
“I rode up front for thirty or forty kilometres today. In the end, my work was done and I fell back. At that moment, Bauke crashed and I had to accelerate to get him back to the bunch. I think I put in some good work today.”

Maarten Wynants
“There was a chance today for echelons and crashes and so I tried to keep Bauke out of the busiest parts. When Bauke got tangled up with Cavendish, I waited on him and brought him back to the head of the peloton.”

Nico Verhoeven
“The team kept Bauke constantly up front. It’s a shame that he fell on a account of a slip-up. It just goes to show: no matter how well things are going, there’s danger lurking at every turn. You can never have complete control, but that’s racing.”

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