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Ben King out of Amgen Tour of California

2010 USA Pro Champion Ben King will not be able to take the start at the 2013 Amgen Tour of California. King crashed on a training ride on Friday May 10th and injured both hands. Unable to grip his handlebars, he needs to withdraw from the race before Sunday’s start.

“This is a nightmare for me,” said Ben King. “I was looking forward so much to this period of the season and I really peaked for this month of May and I was ready. This is so frustrating. I am really disappointed, especially as our RADIOSHACK LEOPARD TREK Team is able to win this race.”

For the Team it is impossible to replace Ben King at this moment as he crashed two days before the start of the race in Escondido.

“I was going fast downhill,” explains King. “Suddenly I started sliding in the turn. I think I touched something. I had no control over my bike anymore. I don’t think I made a mistake, but I started sliding. The right side of my body was completely bruised, but the worst damage is to my hands. I lost a lot of skin on both hands. One day after the crash I tried to do a small training ride but it appeared to be impossible, I cannot handle my handlebars, so it was and is impossible to race. I feel so disappointed to leave this big race in my own country as a former US Champion, but there is nothing I can do. I hope that everything will heal soon and that I’ll be ready soon for other races. The season is not over yet.”

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