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Big Moments to Look Out For in Cycling Next Year 

The world of cycling is always buzzing with activity, and next year will be no different. The cycling world is changing and next year we will see some of the biggest changes for years to come. The new rules and regulations that have been put into place are going to make a big impact on the sport in general, with some riders even saying that they might not be able to race anymore due to their physical capabilities being pushed so far. This article looks at the big moments in competitive cycling to look out for next year. 

Tour de France
The Tour de France is one of the biggest events in cycling and is also one of the most eagerly anticipated events every year. The tour de France has always been a race that brings excitement to professional cyclists and spectators alike, with this year’s Tour being no exception.

Next year, the Tour de France is going to be bigger and better than ever before. This year’s Tour has already seen huge changes, with teams having to reduce their rosters for the race by 10% compared to previous years, so next year this will mean that there are more riders than ever who will want to prove themselves at this iconic event. The biggest change of all though are the new rules put in place over who can be selected to ride in the tour itself. Last month it was announced that individual team leaders were no longer able to nominate themselves for the tour, which means that if a rider wants to ride, they need allies within their teams who will lobby on their behalf, putting extra pressure on relationships between riders. All these factors combined could make for an extremely interesting race!

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La Vuelta
One of the biggest cycling events, La Vuelta is starting to rival the Tour de France in excitement among fans. Lots of amazing riders should be returning next year to stake their claim to the title. We might even see the return of the legendary Alberto Contador after his early retirement – he was injured last year with a broken rib but there’s a chance he’ll return for the race next year. The race was also won by Brit Simon Yates, his first win having only turned professional last year! With these exciting results, next year’s race is already being anticipated by fans worldwide.

With its rich history and spectacular countryside views, La Vuelta truly gives an insight into why it’s one of the most eagerly anticipated races on the circuit each year. There are even bigger changes coming up next year which will take things to a whole new level.

Giro d’Italia
The Giro d’Italia is another one of the most famous events on the cycling circuit and has been around for years. This year it had a total of 22 teams taking part, made up from 198 riders in all. These teams came from 15 different countries and covered a massive distance of 3447 kilometers over 21 days, creating an epic race for spectators to watch.




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