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BMC Impec Returns To Its Racing Roots

The BMC impec, the first all-carbon production bike conceived, designed, and manufactured entirely in Switzerland, has made its return to competition at the highest level of the sport at this year’s Giro d’Italia. The impec, which is arguably the most advanced carbon racing bike ever made, was already successfully used by the BMC Racing Team in the 2010 and 2011 seasons.

Back Into Pro Racing
Despite being designed for racing, and despite proving its racing merits by being ridden more than one million kilometers by BMC Racing Team’s riders, the impec was on hiatus during the 2012 UCI WorldTour season. “After Cadel Evans’s Tour de France victory in 2011, the demand for the impec sky-rocketed,” BMC-brand CEO Rolf Singenberger said. “At that time, our production capacity was limited. We made a conscious decision in 2012 not to include the impec in our pro team’s stable to lower consumer demand. Last fall, we successfully finished the optimization of certain processes. Since that time, we are able to maintain high production levels and deliver the impec to our customers within a few weeks after the order has been placed.”

Well-Balanced Ride
The impec is designed and engineered to be an “impeccable” racing machine. BMC aims to deliver the best products for specific requirements of different races. The impec is perfectly suited for the BMC Racing Team’s all-rounders – especially during stage races – due to its phenomenal ride and handling qualities, as well as its remarkable balance and reliable character. BMC fans can expect to see the impec at this year’s Giro d’Italia, as well as at other UCI WorldTour races throughout 2013, including the Tour de France.

Handmade By Machines
The impec was released to industry acclaim in 2010 with the slogan, “Handmade by machines.” The production techniques of the impec require immensely sophisticated, purpose-built machines that allow no chance for human error. The impec redefined bike manufacturing processes, and proved that high-quality, high-performance carbon bikes could be 100 percent manufactured in Switzerland using the most advanced assembly processes. For more about the impec, please see www.bmc-switzerland.com/impec.

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