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Book de Tour: a unique visual record of the 2014 Tour de France to treasure forever

The Official 2015 Richmond World Championship artist in residence, Greig Leach has recorded this year’s Tour de France as the action unfolded each day. You can see his paintings and (unedited) narrative on www.theartofcycling.blogspot.com. This year his beautiful, eye-catching, post-card sized, watercolor and ink annotated drawings from the Tour will be bound into a tome, worthy of gracing any coffee table, including yours, by Richmond specialist art printer Dementi Publishing.

The books will be printed in early November and you can pre-order your copy for US$29.99 – or should that be copies as it’ll make a fabulous seasonal gift – from www.greigleach.com.

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“Book de Tour is a collection of my small watercolor and ink paintings from the 2014 Tour de France. I completed these as the race progressed, showing what I believed to be the key moments of each stage. You’ll understand my reasoning as each picture is annotated with my interpretation of what’s happening and its importance in this high moving game of chess on wheels. I love to work this way because, as I paint, the story’s ending is unknown and, the significance of what I record, unclear until the winner triumphantly crosses the finish line. Cycling’s an unpredictable sport and I love to capture and convey it’s intensity”, declared Greig.

Each of the Tour’s 21 stages, and La Course by Le Tour, will form a separate chapter in the 240 page soft-cover book which includes all the paintings from Greig’s blog, an edited narrative and much more besides. This is a visual story that will delight not only cycling fans and art lovers. You don’t need to be enamored of the Tour de France to savor this book, but it wouldn’t hurt!

If you’d like a lasting memory of this year’s fabulous Tour de France, please pre-order your copy here www.greigleach.com. Please note: international shipping is available.

About Greig Leach: A professional artist for over 30 years whose work has been exhibited in US, sold around the globe and hangs in international public, private and corporate collections. He’s also the official artist for next year’s World Road Race Championships, in his home town of Richmond, Virginia. You can see Greig’s work on his website www.greigleach.com and follow the progress of Book de Tour on www.theartofcycling.blogspot.com.

For more details, please contact Greig’s editor, Sheree Whatley, at [email protected].

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