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Brompton Bicycle calls on the cycling community to share unused bikes with healthcare workers in New York City

As part of their ‘Wheels For Heroes’ campaign Brompton is encouraging the bicycle-owning community to share their unused bikes with healthcare workers providing vital services during COVID-19.

Bikes will be listed on the Spinlister.com platform, providing safe, secure and simple rental of bikes to keep workers moving during the pandemic.

CEO of Brompton urges city authorities to implement temporary street layouts to keep cyclists and pedestrians safe.


Brompton Bicycle Ltd – the UK’s largest bicycle manufacturer — has unveiled a new extension to their ‘Wheels for Heroes’ campaign which aims to help healthcare workers continue their amazing frontline work in combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

Starting in New York City and in the UK, Brompton today launches ‘Brush Off Your Bike,’ a Wheels for Heroes initiative to get as many unused bikes — any bike, not just Bromptons – as possible into the hands of healthcare workers from members of the public and bicycle retailers. The initiative is run in partnership with Spinlister, the global bike-loaning platform.

In the UK Brompton has already provided 500 free bike loans for NHS (National Health Service) staff through its sister company Brompton Bike Hire after it was approached for help by a local hospital.

At the beginning of April they took this further by funding the manufacture of an additional 1,000 bikes to be hired directly to British healthcare staff. Money was raised through Brompton’s own investment equating to £100,000, as well as a public Crowdfunding campaign which has to date raised over £300,000.

Today marks the next phase of this campaign by broadening the way people across the world can get involved to help healthcare professionals continue their vital work.

Using Spinlister, every day people can make their bike available to rent for an extended period of time for just $1. These $1 rentals are exclusively available to healthcare workers and an ID verification is part of the process. Bikes participating in the program are covered by $5000 in insurance against loss or theft, making it a worry free way to get involved. The initiative is open to all types of bikes, not just Bromptons, and is also open to bicycle retailers who want to offer their demo bikes to healthcare workers.

The ‘Brush Off Your Bike’ initiative also comes at a critical moment in the COVID-19 pandemic when cities around the world are realizing more needs to be done to keep cyclists — and pedestrians — safe on the road. Temporary bike lanes are being used to help people adhere to social distancing guidelines, but Brompton urges for more to be done.

Will Butler-Adams, CEO of Brompton Bicycle, said “We have been so impressed by the charitable spirit of the cycling community in the response to Wheels for Heroes in the UK and we don’t want to slow this good work now. It is making a real difference to the lives of our healthcare heroes.

“The Spinlister platform will enable New Yorkers to get involved just as the council is deciding the fate of temporary cycling provisions in the city. When lockdown restrictions start to ease and people start to move around once again, overcrowding on public transport could become a worrying health risk. If local authorities can act now to create a safer environment for cyclists through reallocating road space we could lower a risk of a second wave of infection, not to mention keep up the increased use of bikes for recreational exercise. We have already lobbied the UK government to make these changes, and hope the US will follow suit.”

CEO of Spinlister, Mark Gustafson added “We’re glad we can provide a platform to facilitate this fantastic initiative when the importance of cycling as both a means of transportation and as a way of keeping fit and healthy has never been more relevant. Listing your bike with us for hire is free, secure and fully insured. We look forward to seeing residents of New York and other places around the world sign up to help their fellow healthcare workers.”

Danny Harris, executive Director of Transportation Alternatives said “Amid this crisis, the humble bicycle has proven an unsung hero in keeping our city safe, fed, and moving. Given fears over taking public transit, bike ridership has increased and pushed our city to reimagine street space, producing new temporary bike lanes and advancing legislation in City Council for 75 miles of Open Streets. As New York City emerges from this crisis, we cannot return to streets littered with cars and pollution clogging our lungs, we must build a city that gives all residents safe, equitable, and sustainable transportation alternatives.”

For more information, or to list your bike for a healthcare worker, please visit www.wheelsforheroes.org.

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