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Campagnolo Gran Fondo San Diego

A very passionate cyclist by the name of Tullio started perhaps one of the most fabled brands in cycling over 80 years ago and the company that bears his last name continues to this day to produce components that not only improve the cycling experience but also export a bit of cycling culture. The Campagnolo name is only applied to those components, wheels or other products that stand up to the strict standards for quality and performance required by the company from Vicenza. This applies not only to tangible goods but also to events that can be associated with Campagnolo. It is with these thoughts in mind that the fabled cycling component manufacturer is proud to be associated with a great event that represents the same ideals that Campagnolo places at the core of its operations. The CAMPAGNOLO GRANFONDO SAN DIEGO is a fantastic cycling event that will take place on April 6, 2014 and will offer participants an experience to race in a very Italian setting while taking in the beautiful backdrop that is the San Diego area.

The CAMPAGNOLO GRANFONDO SAN DIEGO forms a part of the Campagnolo Event series which includes Campagnolo Gran Fondo New York and the Granfondo Campagnolo Roma. The San Diego event, in a similar fashion to New York and Rome, has been carefully selected after meeting strict criteria for top level organization, logistics, location, experience as well as offering an authentic Granfondo event. The goal of the event series is to bring an authentic but unique Campagnolo cycling experience to passionate fans in settings that are sure to please, each one in its own particular way.

The CAMPAGNOLO GRANFONDO SAN DIEGO certainly meets the criteria to form a part of the Campagnolo Event Series with its gorgeous California seaside setting, three challenging routes worthy of the “Granfondo” name (24, 56 and 105 miles), authentic post-ride Italian feast, great staff, better support and a fantastic, friendly but competitive, environment. Since 2009, thousands of riders have gathered under the iconic “Little Italy” sign in downtown San Diego to embark on a journey Campagnolo announces through San Diego and the East County and this year marks the second year that Campagnolo has chosen to be involved with the event. An event that from the start has been a success and continues to get better can now be considered an authentic Granfondo, as Italian as can be without traveling to Italy. It also represents the most authentic Campagnolo environment short of traveling to the Campagnolo Gran Fondo New York, the Granfondo Campagnolo Roma or Campagnolo HQ in Vicenza Italy. With Campagnolo staff in abundance, professional racing support and assistance and all of the new novelties from the fabled cycling component and wheel manufacturer on display participants are sure to leave with a true Campagnolo experience.

Both Campagnolo and the organizers of the event are made up passionate cycling enthusiasts, and as such, they felt the need to create an event that would offer the thousands of cyclists who come from every corner of the globe to participate, a place to show and share their shared enthusiasm for the great sport that is cycling. This deep rooted passion is quite often extended also to the bike and components that permit the cyclist to partake in their beloved pastime. There is perhaps no brand that evokes such a visceral connection between owner and product in the cycling world than the one between the Campagnolo enthusiast and his or her favorite brand. While Campagnolo enthusiasts can be found in every part of the world, in all shapes, makes and sizes, there are a few that have made a permanent and visible declaration of their love for the prestigious Italian brand. Fans of the brand generally love to display the logo on t-shirts, stickers, keychains and the like, however, some go as far as to even tattoo themselves in a permanent declaration of solidarity with Campagnolo. While we consider all fans part of the Campagnolo “family” this declaration deserves some recognition. As such, Campagnolo, in collaboration with the organizers of the event, will gladly show their appreciation in the form of free participation and priority starting position for anyone with this most permanent declaration of solidarity: a Campagnolo tattoo.

Upon finishing the day’s work in the saddle, all participants, tattooed and non, can enjoy the post ride celebration that includes music, a beer garden and a free massage in addition to authentic and award winning Italian cuisine served by Acqua AL2. The perfect end to a perfect day in the saddle.

For more information regarding Campagnolo, its history and its current products, please visit: www.campagnolo.com
For more information regarding the granfondo or to register, please visit www.sdgranfondo.com

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