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PEZ-Man Matt McNamara Needs Help

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Matt McNamara has been one of the main ‘PEZ ToolBox’ contributors for… years, and a very valued coach to many, but in November he crashed on a training ride and sustained severe injuries, but is still here to tell the tale. As you can imagine, Matt’s medical bills are as frightening as his injuries and a fundraiser has been set up to help a man who has helped others.

Message from Matt:
“Hi! I’m humbled by the effort and not one to really ask for help very often, so this is a bit outside my wheelhouse, but I also know that Mark Koenig and others are truly great friends for helping coordinate this project and I am grateful for that.”

Mark Koenig is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Matt McNamara:
“As many of you know, on Saturday, Nov 9th, Coach Matt McNamara (my personal and our racing team coach) was descending the road out of Villa Montalvo in Saratoga and crashed heavily after hitting one of the final speed bumps. He was transported to the trauma center at Valley Medical in San Jose where he spent almost 3 days in the ICU and another 3 days in trauma care. He broke 11 ribs, 12 transverse processes (the little wing things off your spine/vertebrae) and punctured a lung and had to be intubated.”

“As you can imagine, his medical bills are mind boggling ($140K and growing) and Matt doesn’t have the insurance to cover them. Even after the typical 10 cents on a dollar negotiation that happens in these cases, he’s going to owe quite a bit!”

“Matt is a great coach and is always giving back to the sport he loves: Early Bird Crit mentor, helping at talent ID camps, taking juniors to the Junior Tour of Ireland…”

“I hope you can help out. Every dollar makes a difference!
Thanks in advance,”
“Grandpa Mark” Koenig, San Jose, California.

Updates from Matt McNamara on Dec 20:
“THANK YOU to each and every person who has contributed, helped, forwarded, commented or just sent good thoughts along the way! This is utterly beyond my comprehension and I am so proud to call each of you friends.”

“An update as I reach 6 weeks from the accident…things are moving along well! For example, after 5 weeks of sleeping upright I can finally sleep on my side for a few hours at a time (yay!!). My body is healing noticeably week to week, the pain is mostly gone except for a few movements and occasional errant move. Sneezing is still a fraught exercise though – you’d be amazed how motivated you can be to NOT sneeeze!”

“I’ve gone on a few walks and am so excited to get back to my usual activity level, including a hoped for ride on New Years! Today I came to Colorado to spend the holidays with my most amazing daughter Mia and the rest of my family, so I’m in a great place! I will be reaching out to each of you directly, but wanted to extend my thanks along the way as well.”

“With deep thanks and a humble heart…”

If you would like to support Help Coach Matt after his bad bike crash by making a donation or/and spreading the word, then go to the link below:

# Thanks very much for your help and a fast recovery for Matt from everyone at PEZ. #

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